Book Spotlight: Sin for You by Sherilee Gray

Sin for You
(Rocktown Ink #2)
by Sherilee Gray
Date Released: September 5, 2019

About Sin for You
My best friend's sister is back in town, and while she’s here, she's under my protection. Quinn Parker had her heart broken, and I'll make sure no one hurts her again.

But when she starts looking around for a hot, no-strings distraction, I can’t stand back and do nothing. No one is touching this vibrant beauty...but me.

She’s the woman of my dreams, but Quinn wants a good time, not a long time. We play by her rules: no one finds out, no one gets hurt. 

I have to keep it casual because an ex-con like me can't offer her forever…even if I want so much more.

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An Excerpt from Sin for You
I turned the handle and let the heavy wood swing open. Bull looked up from whatever he was working on, and, yeah, he looked surprised to see me at his door. He hadn’t expected me to seek him out today, definitely wasn’t expecting me to apologize or try and make things right between us. And didn’t that just make me feel like the biggest jerk in existence. 

I stepped over the threshold. “You got a minute?”

“Kinda busy,” he muttered.

Yep, he was pissed with me. “This won’t take long.” 

He sighed, dropped his pen, and sat back in his seat, all big and gorgeous—and surly. I wanted to climb in his lap and wrap myself around him.

Stop it!

“Look, Bull…what I said last night…” What? How could I make it right? I hadn’t really planned this out, I just knew I hated the way we’d left things. Yes, I needed distance from him, but I never wanted to hurt his feelings. Or make him feel shitty for being protective of me, no matter how misguided at times. It was the last thing I wanted. God, I’d felt sick about it since he walked out of the gallery. “I shouldn’t have said what I did, not like that.”

“All good, Quinn. Message received,” he said, expression going utterly blank.

I hated that look on his face. Hated it. I closed the door behind me and stepped farther into the room. I had to be honest with him, to make him understand. I couldn’t bring myself to leave things as they were, and I couldn’t bear to have him think badly of me. 

I took a steadying breath. “Look, it’s no secret that I’ve had some…well, shitty luck where men and relationships are concerned. Like really shitty.” Luck had nothing to do with it, but I didn’t want to dig up all my dark, painful truths right then, not with Bull, not with anyone. I crossed my arms. “I’m done with relationships, with finding that perfect someone crap. Like, so done.” I made myself meet his gaze. “But I’m the kind of girl who likes affection, being close with another person.” I shrugged. “I like sex.”

Bull shifted in his seat, his frown deepening.

“Yes, I’m extremely…attracted to you, obviously.” I lifted my hands, stopping him before he could say anything, before he could reject me all over again. “It’s fine. I know you don’t feel that way about me. But you need to know that eventually, I will find someone to meet my…needs.” I motioned to him. “I’m sure you have women lined up when you need…that.” Yep, this was awkward as hell. “Well, I’m a one-man kind of woman, even if it’s just a sexual thing, you know? Even if it’s just some fun. The reason I’m telling you this is I respect you, as a friend, but I will meet someone, and I need you to be okay with it because you’re important to me.”

His graze had grown insanely intense, but I pushed on.

“So I guess I’m asking you to trust me to take care of myself, and to trust that if I’m in over my head, or need help, I will come to you. Are you cool with that?”

Bull made a weird sound and stood suddenly, his chair scraping on the wooden floor. That’s when I noticed how heavily his chest was rising and falling. 

His nostrils flared, and he shook his head just once.

I blinked at him. What now? “No?”

“No,” he repeated on a near snarl. “I’m not fucking cool with that.”

“What do you mean no?” I said, shock clear in my voice.

“Come here,” he said instead of answering my question. “Now.”

About Sherilee Gray
Sherilee Gray is a kiwi girl and lives in beautiful New Zealand with her husband and their two children. When she isn't writing sexy, edgy contemporary and paranormal romance, searching for her next alpha hero on Pinterest, or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming of far off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadbury Rocky Road chocolate in the other.

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