Review: Dear Heart, I Miss You by Eliah Greenwood (Easton High #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing.

It's okay to let yourself hurt. That's how you know it's worth it.

Oh, my poor heart! Talk about being put through the wringer, but you know about how something hurts so good? Welp, that's exactly the case for Eliah Greenwood's Dear Heart, I Miss You. This is the third novel in the author's Easton High series, and it's the much-awaited conclusion to the duet featuring Finley Richards and Diamond Mitchell, aka Finn and Dia. This new book picks up where the previous one left off, which basically tells you that Dear Heart, I Hate You MUST be read before Dear Heart, I Miss You. With both novels now readily available, you will not have to go through the frustration that I had to with that heartrending cliffhanger in DHIHY, followed by the excruciating wait between books. I know, I know--patience is a virtue and all that jazz; alas, it's a virtue that I am not known to have much of. All that being said, Greenwood made the wait oh-so-worthwhile!

I'm going to do my best to not mention anything from the first part of Finn and Dia's story so as to avoid spoilers. When last readers saw these two, things were not looking good for their fragile relationship. There were no easy fixes for them, and fate wasn't done with testing them either. Suffice it to say, their happily-ever-after was a hard-earned one. Finn's journey of redemption had its own set of hurdles, but goodness, how I cheered the guy on. It was clear how much he loved Dia because he was willing to do whatever necessary to prove that he was worthy of her love and forgiveness. And Dia? Well, the girl did a whole lot of growing up, with some realizations more difficult to fully comprehend and accept, but I admired the maturity that I saw develop within her. Dear Heart, I Miss You exceeded my expectations, which is why it gets five-plus stars, and I certainly hope this isn't the last readers have seen of the Easton High series because I need more from it!


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Release Date: 20 July 2022

Date Read: 17 July 2022

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