Review: Faded in Bloom by Julia Wolf (The Seasons Change #3)

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"We're ruined." 
"We're something new."

Julia Wolf returns to her Seasons Change series with the third novel, Faded in Bloom, and this one's got a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers feel to it. When Adam Wainwright (26/27), lead guitarist for The Seasons Change, skips out on his responsibilities post-tour to head back for his best friend's birthday, the last thing he expects is the rather frosty reception he receives from his Baddie. Adelaide Goodman (23/24) should have known better, especially since Adam's reputation isn't exactly a secret, and they agreed that all they would ever be was friends. That was fine with Addie, but then feelings got in the way, and for all intents and purposes, those feelings were very much one-sided. They went from being neighbors to becoming friends, but at this point, all Addie wants is to survive with most of her heart intact because she thinks that wanting and loving Adam may break her. In order to do that, something has got to give...or end, and it may well be their friendship.

Goodness, but how Adam and Addie's story put my emotions through the wringer! This book opens with the main characters' friendship in a state of limbo before Julia Wolf takes readers back to when said friendship actually started and how everything led to that opening salvo. My heart broke for Addie. Unrequited love can be devastating, and what made her decide to do what she did in the first chapter was something I could empathize with. The thing is, Adam so adored his Baddie that he would have done harm to himself rather than knowingly hurt her. As more details about Adam and his back story unfolded, it was easier to grasp and comprehend the man behind the fame. There was such depth to these two main characters, and Wolf's layered complexities when it come to them and the story itself had this book surpassing any and all expectations that I had. Faded in Bloom left me with a satisfied smile on my face, and I leave it five-plus stars.


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Date Read: 12 June 2022

Release Date: 16 June 2022

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