Review: Stone Cold Notes by Julia Wolf (The Seasons Change #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

"I love you, Wren. It might be a psycho kind of love, but it's pure and it's true." 
"What if I don't want a psycho kind of love?" I squeezed out. 
"The thing with this kind of love is you really don't get a choice. It's yours."

Oh, my word. Julia Wolf has surpassed every single expectation I had for this second novel in The Seasons Change, and I've got a psycho kind of love for Callum Rose and Wren Anderson and their intense romance. Stone Cold Notes is the newest standalone in Wolf's rock star romance series, and while I loved Falling in Reverse, I'm a wee bit--cough, absolutely, cough--obsessed with Callum and Wren's love story. It's got love and music, rock stars and a single mom, best friends who've never met, and maybe a bit of stalking, too.

When seventeen-year-old Wren decided to send twenty-one-year-old Callum an email, she was honestly not expecting a reply. After all, he was part of an up and coming rock band and she was just...Wren, or Birdie, as she signed her email. But The Seasons Change bassist, indeed, answered, and thus began an unexpected friendship between the two. And then they went and broke each other's fragile hearts. Five years since that first email, Wren is working at the studio where Callum and the band are recording. He has no idea that she's his Birdie, but he may surprise her when he claims her as his.

This book! Goodness, but how Julia Wolf kept the twists coming. I loved that she did so in a subtle manner, not needing to knock readers over the head with revelations, instead leading me to whisper "whoa" or inaudibly gasp with each one. Callum and Wren may have had to endure a few years of misunderstanding, but those thoughts, feelings, and emotions they had of and for each other remained. Yes, Callum's love may have been obsessive and possessive, but there was an honesty and dedication to it that made it clear how much Wren meant to him. Plus Wren's love, which was more understated in comparison yet just as committed, brought balance to their devotion to each other. Stone Cold Notes was EVERYTHING! Five-plus stars.


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Release Date: 02 December 2021

Date Read: 27 November 2021

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