Review: Signs of Spring by Rachel Ember (Wild Ones #2)

Note: A review copy was provided by the author via Gay Romance Reviews ARC Team.

Can I just say that it's times like these that I'm even more grateful that I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription? After reading Long Winter, I happily borrowed the second book in Rachel Ember's Wild Ones series, and promptly continued reading Robbie Chase and Lance Taylor's story. Theirs is a continuing story line, so reading Long Winter before Signs of Spring is a must in order to understand what's happening.

This picks up right after the events in the series starter. Sixteen-year-old Lance may have thought he'd never get the chance to have any sort of relationship with his best friend's older brother other than being a pseudo little brother, but here he is six years later, happy and content with Robbie. But his life back in Chicago demands his attention, so whether he likes it or not, a return to the city he called home for a while is necessary. He doesn't have to make trip alone either, not with Robbie ready and willing to accompany him. However, will being back in the city have insecurities and doubts stalling their romance?

I quite liked seeing Lance and Robbie in Lance's world, a flip of sorts to what happened in the first book. Lance's friends were also quite entertaining, and they were protective of him and his happiness. These two certainly deserved their happily-ever-after. I'm mighty curious as to what happened to Robbie's younger brother, Johnny, and I wonder if the youngest Chase and Lance's best friend, Danny, has his own story to tell. While I wait for those, I'm giving Signs of Spring receives a much deserved 4.5 stars. 

Date Read: 22 December 2021

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