Review: Avery by Kat Savage (Men of Bird's Eye #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

This book was cute AF! The Men of Bird's Eye series serves as my introduction to Kat Savage's writing, and so far, so good! Avery is actually the book that brought the series to my attention, and I've enjoyed working my way through the three currently available stories. You can read this as a standalone, but fair warning: there could well be spoilers for the first two books, Hawk and Will, so this is a heads-up.

Now, if you're familiar with my reviews via my blog, you may recall that the fake relationship trope isn't necessarily a go-to for me. It's not that I hate it; it has more to do with my growing tiresome of majority of these books I've read following the same, predictable story line. And then I came across Kat Savage's Avery, and I was a smitten kitten! (Or we can go with happy puppy if you're not a fan of felines, plus there's a dog in this book, and Vega was a senior dog at that, so bonus points!)

Tattoo artist Avery Fletcher and CEO and socialite Helena Davenport may not have appeared to be a couple that made sense togther, but that didn't stop Helena from suggesting Avery pretend to be her boyfriend so as to get the stodgy board of directors of her family's company off her back about being an unmarried woman at the helm. And Avery? Well, he was only too happy to help the woman who was a contradiction of poise, wealth, and ink. What happens when they act on their very real chemistry and are saddled by very real insecurities?

While this book share the same general plot of fake relationship turning into the real thing, Kat Savage has gifted readers with two very interesting main characters in Helena and Avery. I loved the relative ease in which these two fell into the care and comfort each willingly gave the other. They were each other's missing piece and they had that great balance of friendship, passion, desire, and companionship before falling in love and wanting the real thing. The flow of the story and the character development were noteworthy for all the best reasons, and the smile on my face by the end punctuates my 4.5-star love for Avery.

Side note: I read the ARC, and I know that ARCs tend to be distributed prior to final editing and proofreading, so my assumption is that all the proverbial yet necessary buffing and polishing was done in the final published version. The above review is solely on the story and characters.

Date Read: 01 December 2021

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