Review: The Soldier and the Bodyguard by RJ Scott (Ellery Mountain #10)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Originally released as a newsletter serial, The Soldier and the Bodyguard is the tenth book in RJ Scott's Ellery Mountain series. This has a friends-to-lovers vibe to it, what with its main characters, Jason Charles "JC" Baker and Adrian (whose last name escapes me, and I think it wasn't mentioned either, but if it was, please feel free to let me know via the comments section), having been best friends since they were children. They went to school together throughout the years, barely leaving each other's side. So, when JC made the decision to enlist in the army, Adrian being right behind was inevitable. While deployed, their unit comes under fire, leaving two of their closest friends dead, Adrian with hearing loss, and JC with bullet fragments lodged in his head. The Ellery Veterans Center could provide JC with therapy he needs in order to move forward with his life, but when threats against him escalate, JC and Adrian may need to find sanctuary elsewhere.

I seriously enjoyed this return to Ellery! Like quite a few of RJ Scott's other series, the Ellery Mountain series is like the gift that keeps on giving. I loved the bond that JC and Adrian shared with each other, and I wouldn't have been surprised if they were soul mates. JC was Adrian's person, and vice-versa, and they'd already been through a great deal, the most traumatizing incident being the reason why they were at the Ellery Center. The author did a fantastic job weaving the romance with the more suspenseful elements. I honestly couldn't pin down who I thought the villain was until the last quarter of the book, yet I was still taken aback when the motivations for their actions were brought to light. Having some of the guys from the Sanctuary series now has me eager to get to know them better, so I'll be checking those books out once time permits. All in all, The Soldier and the Bodyguard had everything I enjoy in an RJ Scott story, and I'm handing it 4.5 stars.

Release Date: 17 June 2022

Date Read: 12 June 2022

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