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Note: Advanced reader copies (ARC) was provided by the author via LesCourt ARC Team.

Piper Scott is a new-to-me author and the three books in her Rutledge Brothers series were my introduction to her writing. Novella in length, the books are set in what's new as the omegaverse, or the fictional book universe where the male characters are classified into three groups--alpha, beta, and omega. Alphas are males who are seen as at the top of the perceived societal structure, the omegas as the ones who are impregnated by alphas if they happen to engage in intercourse during an omega's "heat" (similar to the estrous cycle experienced by female mammals) and the alpha achieves "knotting" with the omega, with the betas basically being lower than alphas but higher than omegas in the hierarchy. In Scott's series, there are no betas present. I'm giving each of the books four stars.

Love Me is the story of the first of the alpha Rutledge triplets, Thaddeus, aka Tad, a military veteran who opens a soup kitchen called The Soup Pot. When he finds an omega named Seth Cooper hiding in an alleyway and later learns that he's run from someone named Director Baylor, who owns a high-end brothel known as The White Lotus. I enjoyed seeing how Tad and Seth established trust between each other even as the connection was there very early on. There's a hint of suspense to their story as well, what with Baylor still on the hunt to reclaim his "property", aka Seth. This was quite fast-paced and entertaining and end with a much-deserved happily-ever-after.

Save Me is about the next of these service-oriented alpha triplets, Silas Rutledge, the only alpha counselor at the Stonecrest Omega Rehabilitation Center, and it's there where he meets Elijah McMillan, one of the omegas rescued after The White Lotus was shut down after the arrest of its owner. One of the most interesting things about this second book in the series was how Elijah was very different from his fellow omegas from The White Lotus, which is basically why there's also more of a struggle for Silas to build trust with the younger man. I did like the direction the story took when it came to Elijah's rehabilitation because it wasn't what I was actually expecting.

Keep Me is the final novella in the Rutledge Brothers series, and it features the last of the triplets, Harrison Rutledge, an alpha doula--aka a birthing advocate--at the Starbright Birthing Center, with a crush on Nathaniel O'Toole, an omega who works at Pie Five, a pie shop owned by his uncle. In this story, Nate wasn't a rescued omega from The White Lotus; rather, it's his older brother, Dylan, who is rescued but has already been impregnated. The connection between Harry and Nate had more of an air of innocence to it compared to the first two novellas but doesn't diminish from their story nor does it take away from Tad and Seth's and Silas and Harry's.

Re-Release Dates: 06 September 2019 (Love Me) | 13 September 2019 (Save Me) | 20 September 2019 (Keep Me)

Date Read: 05 September 2019

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