Review: The Hardest Hit by A.S. Teague

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR.

“There has always been something between us, and even if I were to leave like you want me to and never hear from you again, there will always be something between us.” I dropped to my knees in front of him and grasped his face in my hands, my nose inches from his. “Whatever this is, destiny, fate, some cosmic pull, or just a fuck lot of intense chemistry, we're connected. We just have to decide what to do with it. And I choose you. I choose us.”

With all the books that I read on a regular basis, I'm always on the look out for that extra bit of something that allows a book to standout. Whether it be a different approach to a well-loved trope or quirks to a main character's personality, with so many books out there, I just want something that sets a book apart in the best way possible. Now, A.S. Teague's newest book happens to be a companion novel to her previous release back in March, The Hardest Route, and dare I say that The Hardest Hit is far better than its predecessor. This was a unique love story between two people who meet by chance while in Vegas and remain connected over the years even as they miss chance upon chance to make a go of something more than friendship between them, that is, until tragedy strikes.

From the moment they caught each other's eye in Vegas seven years ago, NFL quarterback Aiden Shaw and physical therapist Melanie Holstein shared the sort of chemistry that was once in a lifetime and what happened in Vegas certainly didn't stay there either. However, whether it be their the nine-year age difference, their respective careers, the distance, or especially Aiden's children and his ex, there was always something there that prevented them from making a true go of what was between them. Seven years of back and forth and cancelled get-togethers pushes Mel to the point of wanting to keep the relationship with Aiden platonic. But when a possible career-ending injury sidelines Aiden, Mel runs to his side, but could it be too late for one thing to begin just as one ends?

I've had the pleasure of reading all of this author's books, and Aiden and Mel's love story is, hands down, my favorite from A.S. Teague. I loved that this was different from Griffin and Brooke Rockwell's romance in The Hardest Route, while not having to compromise on the story Teague wanted to tell. Aiden and Mel have a complicated relationship, but there was no denying that they had the chemistry part down pat. Acting on it, of course, was where everything went hazy. There's a lot of angst in the book, particularly in the latter half of the story, and naturally, the addict in me was quite pleased by its presence, especially since it wasn't thrown in just for the heck of it. The Hardest Hit gave me all the feels and Teague's raised the bar really high for her next book. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 September 2019

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