Review: Trick Roller by Cordelia Kingsbridge (Seven of Spades #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Levi stood motionless while the floor seemed to fall away beneath him. An abusive douchebag drugged with ketamine, fake texts that had driven the exact person Levi needed right into Dominic’s path . . . this was no coincidence.
The Seven of Spades had set this up.

Gah! Could this series get any better? Silly question since this sequel has clearly proven exactly that. I make no secret of having gotten absolutely hooked on all things Seven of Spades and the perplexing perpetrator whose motivation for killing had me gobsmacked and the two men who were after the serial killer. I'm giving you fair warning: you need to read the books in order because book two is NOT a standalone. This series is a continuing one, meaning there isn't an absolute resolution in the first book. And FYI, this is, at least as of right now, slated to be a five-book series. Not to worry, though, since only book one was released in last year, and the rest are scheduled for this year. Trust me, I triple-checked the Riptide Publishing site to see how long the wait was going to be, but if the first two books are to go by, then gosh, darn it, the combined waiting period will be well-rewarded!

It's been weeks since the case involving serial killer Seven of Spades was deemed solved by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. As much as Detective Levi Abrams's gut tells him they haven't seen the last of the wily and ingenious murderer, he needs to move on to his next case. Dominic Russo is doing his own bit of moving on as well, deciding to hang his bounty hunter hat in exchange for that of a private investigator. However, Dominic's gambling addiction threatens to come roaring back to life with the constant triggers that surround him. The one thing that anchoring both men is their new relationship, one that's proving to be extraordinarily good. But soon, they realize just how much of a puppet master Seven of Spades truly is. The serial killer holds all the cards and they're holding them close to their chest, but for how long and which winning hand will they show the public?

Okay, Cordelia Kingsbridge, you've got me--hook, line, and sinker. I'm a fangirl; do I get a welcome packet? I'm usually impatient and easily frustrated by cliffhangers, but there's just something frickin' special about this series that has me grinning and bearing the wait for book three. Trick Roller's story is different from Kill Game's but damn it, that tension from the series starter that deserved a standing ovation is alive and well in this second book, just like Seven of Spades. Would it be considered weird if I confess that I'm cheering for both Dominic and Levi AND the serial killer? The latter is clearly intent on making their point, and repeatedly at that, and I intend to be front and center each and every time they do. Oh, and of course there's the whole Levi and Dominic romance because these two continue to have heart AND heat. Trick Roller is another five-plus-starred winner. Can it be April 30th already? ♥


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Date Read: 30 December 2017

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