Review: Stud by Kelly Siskind (One Wild Wish #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

She flattened her hands on my stomach and shuddered. “Are we dreaming?”
“If we are, I’d rather not wake up.” Except the absurdity of our misunderstanding had me chuckling. “Can’t believe you thought I was gay.”
“Can’t believe you’re not kissing me right now.”
“More like undersexed.” 

What's a four-letter word generally meaning "support" and specifically pertaining to an essential part of framing in a structure? Or it could also mean rom-com gold. Or Owen Phillips. Give up? It's Stud, fellow bookaholics, and whether you've got a soft spot for romantic comedy fiction or not, Kelly Siskind's second One Wild Wish novel is a romance novel worth reading. Just like its predecessor, it lives up to what I now consider the author's guarantee: a smart, sexy romantic comedy. The writing never falters, the characters are sassy and sweet, and the story is one that made my heart both skip in my chest in happiness while also making it clench during a particularly trying period for the main couple. I know that there is no such thing as perfection (no matter how much we wish it were a possibility; but this comes freakishly close. Have I set your expectations high? Eh, I'm not even a wee bit worried.

Ainsley Hall is a stud finder. She easily homes in on studly men who are perfect fodder for when she whips out her Blue Blunny. She's already crushed on two men who were undoubtedly hot. Unfortunately for her, they were also undeniably gay, thereby proving she's got a malfunctioning gaydar. Her best friends are already laughing at her expense. She doesn't intend to make it the worst kind of home run by crushing on Owen Phillips. The ass grabbing she saw between him and another guy was enough to clue her in that he would be three for three. Only Owen isn't gay at all, plus he's got as much of a thing for her as she does for him. But Owen is still technically married and Ainsley's hard limit is cheating. Falling in love seems inevitable but if Owen doesn't get his vindictive ex-wife to sign off on the divorce and if Ainsley doesn't learn to trust the guy she wants in her life, falling apart may be likely too...

This book made my heart flutter and my tummy grumble. I had a serious craving for dark chocolate and apple pie. Ooh! Dark chocolate drizzled over apple pie! Yum. But I digress... Owen and Ainsley's love story was a hefty helping of romance wrapped in witty banter, sigh-worthy exchanges, and giddy moments. From Siskind's hilarious chapter subheadings to her gift for weaving together one of the best rom-coms I've read in a long-ass time, this author makes me believe my faith in her writing from the moment I read her debut release to her newest gem of a read has been well-invested. Owen can feel free to nail me, erm, some Sheetrock anytime, and Ainsley seems like the kind of friend I'd happily go shopping with while plotting to take woman empowerment to the next level. I loved these two and their story, and Stud easily gets five-plus stars. Dare I hope that Emmett and Cameron get a novella? ♥


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Date Read: 02 February 2018

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