Review: Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

Heaven and Earth, Flint...
I'm going to love you so hard, time won't matter. Distance won't matter. All you'll feel when you take each my love.

There's something about Jewel E. Ann's stories that make them above the norm. There's that bit of quirk that I've come to keep an eye out for whenever I have one of her books waiting for me on my tablet. I have no clue how the woman has these offbeat story lines popping into her head and out onto the page, but I'm just glad I'm here to experience whatever she has to offer her readers. Whether it be a brother-and-sister team who have secrets upon secrets that they're tempted to spill out to the people they fall in love with or a former homeless guy turned make-up artist who falls for a privileged daughter of a senator turned physician's assistant, her books have never failed to make me sigh in absolute satisfaction by the time I've done with them. Well, she's done it again with Look the Part.

In the case of her latest release, she's given us Flint Hopkins, a thirty-four-year-old single father, widower, and lawyer with a enough guilt to last a lifetime, and Ellen Rodgers, a thirty-year-old divorcée and music therapist trying to start her life over. He's rather rigid and gloomy and she's all sunshiny and flirty. When the noise level coming from the office space right above becomes more than Flint can tolerate--admittedly, his level tolerance is rather low--he decides it's time to give his tenant her two-week notice of eviction. His plan, however, is foiled when Harrison meets Elle and she's able to draw out a side of the preteen no one's been able to. Heck, she's the only one he allows to call him "Harry"! Elle pushes Flint's buttons, but can she push him to live--and love--again?

I absolutely adored Flint and Elle. They live up to the adage of opposites attracting, but there are also parts to them that they recognize in one another, and cheering them on to a happy ending--and to Flint getting his head out of his butt--was a no-brainer. She made it possible for his heart to find its rhythm once again, something he didn't think possible after the tragic loss of his wife Heidi. But as has been par for the course with Ann's books, Look the Part is further bolstered by its cast of characters--from Flint's twelve-year-old son Harrison who is on the autism spectrum to Amanda, the assistant he makes a habit of firing regularly. Oh, and the rats. We should never overlook the rats. You'll meet them once you smarten up and grab yourselves a copy of this five-plus-starred read. ♥

Date Read: 01 February 2018

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