Review: Follow Me Back by A.L. Jackson (Fight for Me #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My hands trembled where they rested on his striking face.
But it had shaken me.
Being able to finally see all the way past the gorgeous exterior. Down, deep inside this miraculous man with his huge, beautiful, bleeding heart.
To the man who had lost, who remained terrified and hurt. 

I was so not a happy camper while reading this book. No one warned me I needed tissues nearby, damn it! I had to go hunt down a box of tissues smack in the middle of falling completely in love with the story of two people who loved once before and were afraid to love again. I should have known better. This isn't the first time A.L. Jackson has made me cry, and I'm positive this won't be the last, but let me bask in the angst and awesomeness that is Follow Me Back, the second full-length novel and third release in the author's current Fight for Me romance series.

Kale Bryant lives for his job as an emergency room physician. Anything else comes second, which is why he doesn't look for anything more than hook-ups and one-night stands. But when he meets coffee shop owner Harley Hope Masterson, Kale finds himself not just wanting the single mom but needing her and her son Evan. Both Kale and Hope know that opening their hearts to each other may come with risks, but neither one of them realized just what was at stake, especially when their pasts refuse to let go. Rules and promises may be broken...just like hearts.

Damn but how this story took a piece of my heart each time Kale and Hope fell even more deeply in love with one another while also snatching jagged pieces every single time something held them back or forced them to take a step back. If there was ever a couple that desperately needed their own happy ending after seemingly getting dealt a losing hand in the past, it would have to be Kale and Hope. Being together was their second chance, but not in the way you may think because second chances don't necessarily mean having it with the same person as before.

There was one particular peripheral character who was very much a scene- AND heart-stealer (I know, I know...really terrible sounding made-up word right there!), and that would be none other than Evan, Hope's son. That boy saw things with an open mind and heart, and it was the baseness and simplicity in which he saw the world that hearkens back to the idea of seeing everything through the eyes of a child. To him, there was no need to over-complicate matters. He was truly the heart of this story, and when you read this novel, you'll understand why.

I've never doubted A.L. Jackson's ability to write a beautiful love story, but there's something undeniably extraordinary about her newest masterpiece. Going in, I knew I was going to be reading a well-written romance and that there would be feels and all, but goodness, this took the cake. So, I'm going to do you, fellow bookaholic, the favor I wish someone else had for me: Have a tissue or two handy. Follow Me Back made me remember that, more often than not, following your heart is a risk worth taking. This is a highly recommended five-plus star read. ♥


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Date Read: 01 February 2018

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