Review: Doc by S.M. Lumetta (Bodhi Beach #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Nina Bocci PR in exchange for an honest review.

Doc is the second novel in the Bodhi Beach series and my second read from author S.M. Lumetta. Neither Declan Wellesley, aka Doc and a stunt coordinator, nor Nora Bennett, a publicist slash bartender, deny that they have a history. What they don't quite see eye to eye with, though, are the circumstances regarding how whatever they were engaged in came to an end. Out of sight, out of mind is the route to go as far as Nora is concerned, so when Declan makes an unannounced return, their connected proves to be as palpable as ever. Both have been wary of becoming emotionally entangled with romantic partners before, especially least as far as everyone else knew. It seems, however, that Declan, indeed, wants to have more than a hookup here and there with his favorite feisty girl, a sentiment that strikes fear--and hope--in Nora's heart. As much as Nora feels for her favorite "idiot", she's all too familiar at the pitfalls should she ever open herself to anything "more" with him. The walls around Nora's heart have been fortified through the years and it'll take a daredevil like Declan to break through each one.

Behind the carefree Nora that was in the first book and in the first few chapters of this second book was a woman who barricaded herself against any sort of commitment with a man. Of course, she had her reasons, but I confess that I got to the point where I found myself really frustrated with her back and forth and overall treatment of Declan. The fact that she made it appear as if he was the one who didn't want any sort of relationship during the prior fling wasn't exactly nice, but I got it because the guy had a reputation for spreading the love. However, even when Declan went all out AND all in with Nora, she was still treating him rather unfairly. And then S.M. Lumetta went and had me close to tears during the last few chapters of this book, and those were enough for Nora to win me over. I was all set to give Doc--the book, not the guy, because he I would have given five stars to!--and with how everything closed out, I found myself wavering. So, taking everything into consideration and averaging out the three stars for about three-fourths of Doc and five stars for the last quarter, I'm giving it four stars out of five stars. ♥

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Date Read: 10 February 2018

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