Review: Disclaim by Pam Godwin (Deliver #3)

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"You want me to trust you." 
"It's a very good place to start."

Three books in, and I swear, I'm as hooked as ever on Pam Godwin's darkly delicious Deliver series. As was my suggestion in my review for the second novel, I'm going to highly recommend you read this series in order. Camila Dias's story intersects with those of Van Quiso and Liv Reed, though more the former than the latter, especially since he was the one who abducted her at seventeen and trained her to be the kind of slave that would demand a high price. You could go ahead and try to read this on its own, but seriously, why rob yourself of the opportunity to read not just one but three freakishly addictive stories, four if you count the latest one in the series? Now, if you have read the first two books, than Camila is no stranger to you. The former slave turned vigilante has made it her life's mission to kick enslavement ass, hoping for the day no one else has to suffer what she and others like her did.

It's been nearly twelve years since Camila Dias was taken from the life she once knew and trained to be the perfect little slave. A year after her abduction, she escaped, but the tendrils of her time in captivity continue to lick at her heels. She and her ragtag gang of former slaves have their cross-hairs on human traffickers and intend to put a stop to their illegal and inhumane activities. Outside of their group, there's only one other person that she's called on for help--Matias Guerra, the boy who loved her and continues to be obsessed with seeing her once again. But she's no longer the seventeen-year-old innocent and he's no longer the nineteen-year-old protector. At twenty-eight and thirty, respectively, Camila and Matias have been hardened by their experiences and their time apart. They're pulled in different directions by their warring wants and needs--which one will rule and which will be disclaimed?

It's so damn difficult to write reviews for this series because I'm sorely tempted to blurt out specifics as to why I've been so taken by these books. In doing so, however, I know that I could very well spoil it for someone who has yet to read the series, and well, that would make me an ass now, wouldn't it? There are twists and turns to this story; if you're like me, regardless of whether you see them coming or not, you'll still be hanging on to dear life each time they hit you. Pam Godwin has given us another antihero who is so much more than we think he is, and what a gift she's presented us in the form of a heroine who has purpose and holds her destiny in her hands and owns it. Matias and Camila's story is brutal yet oddly beautiful as well. If I haven't said it enough, allow me to reiterate once again: you need to read these books. They are dark romance at its very best. I bestow five-plus stars upon Disclaim. ♥

Date Read: 06 February 2018

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