Review: Devastate by Pam Godwin (Deliver #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

He had a magic about him, an allurement that went beyond his model-perfect looks. He’d experienced the kind of brutality that would destroy a man, but he’d ridden it out and stood taller, stronger, despite it.

I swear, each new book that I read in the Deliver series is further testament to the undeniable creativity and evil genius of Pam Godwin. The latest one absolutely eviscerated my poor, battered heart with its story of an unrequited love that leads a man to search for the one thing that would make the woman who would never be his the ultimate happiness--her missing sister, the one presumed dead. I seriously needed a couple of tissues for this one, and that was a first for me with this series. That doesn't mean that the three previous novels didn't move me. They did; hell, they gave me something to ponder on and made me feel things I didn't think my cold, black heart could. However, there was something special about Tate Vades and Lucia Dias's story. It was both intense and intimate and, as expected, insanely emotive. Just a quick reminder: Read the books in order. Trust me. You'll see...

Camila Dias is twenty-five-year-old Tate Vades's closest friend and the one who rescued him from a life of servitude. She also happens to be the woman Tate has fallen in love with, a woman whose heart has belonged to someone else for far longer than he could have imagined. She may never be his, but Tate is determined to give Camila answers regarding the disappearance of her older sister. For eleven years, Lucia Dias has been missing, presumed dead by almost everyone. Tate, however, leaves no stone unturned, and this leads him to Venezuela and an infamous location known as Kidnap Valley, a place not for the faint of heart or wary of spirit. Indeed, Tate finds Lucia, who is now thirty, but he also finds himself in the middle of a nightmare that he may never wake from. Heavy is the price one pays for love, after all, but what kind of bargain can Tate and Lucia come to for each other?

Okay, I honestly didn't think any of the main male characters in the series could even compete with my adoration for Joshua Carter, but damn, I do believe Tate Vades has given him a run for his money. There was a lot going on this book, and almost all of it blew my mind. Yep. I was left dazed but not devastated--sorry, no word play here--because this was such a superb example of how an author can push the boundaries of the dark romance sub-genre. I don't know what goes on in that head of hers, but Pam Godwin is a mad genius who, I hope, continues to be a bottomless well of more stories like this one. No spoilers on my end. Seriously, pick up the book and see what all the fuss is about (but start from the beginning of the series if you haven't yet, please!). But I will say that there someone familiar that I wasn't expecting and I hope we see more of him...very soon. Devastate gets five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 07 February 2018

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