Review: Combust by K. Bromberg (Everyday Heroes #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

Too much thinking about Grady.
And that’s why this song isn’t working. Because every time I sing the lyrics, I think of him.
Of the confusion I feel.
Of wanting more with a man when I’m in no place emotionally to want more.
Of wanting more with a man who will never be able to give it to me.

I'm currently fanning myself. This book should have come with some sort of warning. Maybe something along the lines of "WARNING: May cause blushing all over, regardless of whether you read it in the privacy of your bedroom or out in public!" Maybe I should have clued in when I first learned the title of the book and saw the accompanying cover for it. Maybe it's because the youngest Malone brother is a firefighter. Maybe I should have known what was coming since K. Bromberg knows how to right one hell of a steamy love story. Whatever hint I should have picked up on, I would've probably still not been wholly prepared for how damn hot this book was. FYI, have a fan handy.

Grady Malone may be the youngest but he's no baby. The guy's all man. Just ask his new roommate, songwriter Dylan McCoy. She needed to get away from all the bullshit she was drowning in. From catching her boyfriend in bed with someone else to her agent who doesn't only remind her that she has a contract that requires her to work with the cheating louse but that she needs to keep the demise of said relationship under wraps until all the songs have been written and recorded, Dylan just needs some respite. When her brother suggests she stay with Grady, the last thing either of them is the heat between the become all-consuming. She's been burned by love and his life is engulfed by flames, but being together could be just what they need--that is, if their hearts don't get singed first.

I loved Cuffed, but great balls of fire (pun intended), Combust was on a whole different plane. Grady was a hunk of burning love (pun intended yet again, but it's the last one!). The man got to me in a way I didn't see coming, and I thought I was going to pass out from the number of times my heart was squeezing so tightly in my chest. As easygoing and flirty as he may have appeared, there was so much more to him. He was damaged inside and out, and I wish I could say that all it took was Dylan coming along and everything was perfect in his world. Same in Dylan's case. Her self-confidence had taken a beating after her last relationship, but Grady didn't hold all the answers to making her feel better about herself. These two had to make the conscious choice to move beyond whatever had them so shackled to the past--to fight for a future together or have nothing more than the present.

Both Grady and Dylan come into their own in this novel, but they've also got one hell of a strong support system in their respective siblings. Grady's got his brothers, Grant and Grayson, plus his sister-in-law Emerson, while Dylan has her brother Damon. It's that underlying reminder that they've got family that is just one more thing that I loved about this book--and the series as a whole--because there has to be more than the romantic kind of love that the story is about. In the Bromberg novels that I've read, she's given me more--more than I was expecting, more than I had hoped for going in. I get why she's received rave reviews and why her following is as strong as she is. In a genre as congested as romance, an author has to stand out, and that's exactly what Bromberg has done by way of the books she's written. Combust is a novel I gladly give five-plus stars to and one that I highly recommend. Now, I'll have to bide my time while waiting for Cockpit. Maybe I shall work my way through this author's back list... ♥


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Date Read: 02 February 2018

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