Review: Cold as Ice by Piper Rayne (Bedroom Games #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the authors via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

The writing duo of Piper and Rayne, aka Piper Rayne, is back with a brand-new trilogy entitled Bedroom Games set during the fictional Winter Olympics-inspired Winter Classics, and the first book had my heart melting as much as it got the heat going, but then that's basically what I've come to expect with this tandem's books. Cold as Ice is an enemies-to-lovers story involving twenty-six-year-old Grady "Rogue" Kale and twenty-two-year-old Mia Salter. Once upon a time, Grady and Mia's older brother Brandon were the best of friends, but all it took was one dare that led to one life-changing accident, resulting in two families going their separate ways and two friendships ending--Grady and Brandon's AND Grady and Mia's. It's all fallen to the wayside, no thanks to guilt and ambition.

Fast forward four years later and Grady is the top male snowboarder in the country and Mia his female counterpart. Mia is barely able to stand being around him, and Grady has made every effort to keep his distance. They're to be the faces of the snowboarding team, but even as their agent begs to be nice, working together seems to be an impossibility. There's too much history and one secret too many between them, but forced in each other's company allows the proverbial ice to thaw. Soon, they find themselves unexpectedly falling for one another. Mia's grown up a great deal in the past four years, and Grady wants to be worthy of her love, but will proving exactly that end up costing them their blossoming romance? This time around, Grady wants to win gold AND win Mia's heart.

A quick FYI: this release contains bonus material in the form of the prequel entitled Iced Out, and it takes place four years prior to the events in Cold as Ice. You can choose to read the former before the latter or vice-versa. I read the prequel before the actual main story and it worked well for me because it provided the history that would lead into the hostility that we see in the series starter. I really enjoyed both the prequel and the main story and felt that Grady and Mia's love story came full circle. I liked getting to know the two main characters and the back and forth between them was always entertaining, even as they transitioned from a whole lot of hating (one-sided though it may have been) to a whole lot of loving. I'm giving Cold as Ice 4.5 stars and cannot wait for On Thin Ice! ♥

Date Read: 02 February 2018

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