Review: Surrender to Sin by Nicola Davidson (Fallen #1)

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Surrender to Sin is the first novella in the Fallen series from author Nicola Davidson and it's historical erotic romance set in the decadent and deviant world of sexual pleasure known as Fallen, an exclusive club in London that caters to the proclivities of members. Fallen is owned by three men who are the closest of friends--Lord Sebastian St. John, Lord Grayson Deveraux, and Iain, Viscount Vissen, also known as Sin, Devil, and Vice--and this series starter is about Sebastian and Lady Grace Carrington, daughter to a bishop and widow to a man she was told to marry but whom she never loved nor cared for. Grace reaches out to Sebastian when her father informs her that he has come to an agreement with Lord Baxter, a despicable man her father's age, and that she is to marry him. Grace refuses to suffer through another loveless union and confides to Sebastian that if he sullies her reputation by engaging in scandalous behavior with her, Baxter will refuse to have anything to do with her. But what if Grace commits her greatest sin and falls for Sebastian and will the man who has sworn of marriage now change his mind?

This was my first Nicola Davidson read and I enjoyed the story of a seemingly naive young woman who's already been forced to marry a man she didn't love once before and refuses to do it again and how she finds the solution to her problem in the form of a man known for his prowess with the opposite sex and shows no shame for his reputation. Grace and Sebastian were a good match, especially when it becomes clear that there's a very naughty side to Grace hidden beneath all that perceived societal and trained niceness. She's not as proper and demure as she first came off, but the shift seemed a bit too quick, going from someone who's only experience with sex was with her late husband who never had any consideration for her own pleasure to someone who informs a man she barely knows what she wants to do with him. She went from widow to wanton faster than I felt believable. All in all, though, this novella did entertain me and I found myself curious about Grayson and Iain, I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for their novellas as the Fallen series progresses next year. I'm giving Surrender to Sin four stars. ♥

Release Date: 12 December 2016

Date Read: 12 December 2016

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