Review: Break My Fall by Jessica Scott (Falling #2)

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I haven’t told her all of it. She only knows the part of my secret I can barely summon the courage to put into words. But she doesn't know all of my shame.
And when she finds out, there will be nothing that will keep us together. But until then, I am selfish enough that I cannot let her go.

I've missed reading Jessica Scott's books. I discovered her writing last year, having read three novels--the first two in her Homefront series and the Falling series starter, Before I Fall--and it's been more than a year and a half since the last one, but thank goodness for the unexpected opportunity to sneak at least one Jessica Scott read before the year ends! Break My Fall is the second novel in her Falling series and it's a reminder why I fell in love with her writing in 2015. She's taken things up a notch up with this sequel, giving readers the same raw emotion and thought-provoking situations but also making her characters so painfully real and honest. Their failings are never minimized or trivialized, which is why Josh Douglas and Abby Hilliard came off as being undeniably human, making it impossible not to empathize or sympathize with them. This second in a series is Jessica Scott at her very best yet.

Break My Fall is the story of US Army veteran Josh Douglas, who may be stateside but is still grasping at straws dealing with how different life is now without his weapons and fellow soldiers by his side. He's in college, but he feels out of place, and one particular class is all about violence, a topic he would rather remain mum about. When the girl he comes across at his friend's bar turns out to be a classmate of his, Josh wants to get to know everything there is to know about Abby Hilliard and Abby's just as drawn to him. But there's a dark side to Josh that he's afraid will taint the light that Abby brings to his life, afraid that once she gets a glimpse of the monster he's become since returning from the war, she'll want nothing to do with him. Abby, too, has darkness in her past, a past that she's tried to distance herself from but can never completely forget. Will these two break each other or break their fall?

Goodness, this book took a piece of my heart and refused to give it back when I was done reading. I don't think I have sufficient enough words to aptly describe just how heartrending Josh's and Abby's back stories were and how courageously they've tried to move forward but are still somehow caught in the grasp of their respective pasts, which could spell the end of their present as a couple if they allow it to. One of my favorite parts of the book had to be the classroom discussion regarding violence because it did present the various viewpoints that a broad range of people have on the subject and I never felt as if I was being forced to agree with one side. This is what I meant earlier about this book giving me something to ponder on, and I do love it when a book is able to inspire me to do exactly that. I know Eli's story is up next, but I hope Caleb gets his story told too. I'm giving Break My Fall five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 29 December 2016

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