Review: Nowhere by Bink Cummings (Crimson Outlaws MC #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Nowhere is the first book in author Bink Cummings's new MC romance duet, Crimson Outlaws MC. Gwen Donovan is a thirty-three-year-old teacher and mother to an eighteen-year-old daughter. Her stepbrother, Nathaniel, aka Nash, is the VP of the Crimson Outlaws motorcycle club, and he, along with his brothers, gets her unconventional sexual cravings. Call it a "kink"; Gwen calls it a need. Her relationship with Nash is loving but it's on a completely different plane, one that already has his girlfriend making comments about their closeness. He's protected her and would be willing to do anything for her, but when push comes to shove, Nash distances himself from Gwen, leading Gwen to seek solace in racing. When Wes King makes a bet--one he wins, albeit with manipulation involved--Gwen finds herself in his home, but for a reason she never considered. While there may have been a time that Gwen preferred to have Nash by her side whenever possible, now, in Wes's home, could it be possible that there's no other place where she'd rather be? Nothing in Gwen Donovan's life is easy, but Gwen will face everything head-on. 

This is my second Bink Cummings read and it's obvious why she's such a favorite with countless readers when it comes to MC romances. Nowhere is an erotic read that touches upon what's considered a taboo subject: a possible non-familial-type relationship between step-siblings. Nash and Gwen clearly want to do so much more than just swap spit and indulge in kissing. They're already toeing the line, and it seems that them crossing that line is an inevitability. There's more to Gwen, though, than her being a woman with kinks, and here I'm going to point out that there are triggers (i.e. rape) in the story so if that's something that's a no-go for you, I'm just putting it out there. Gwen is an interesting heroine, and this really is HER story and it's messy and complicated, but it's hers. She makes mistakes and she lets her heart overrule her head more than once, but she's a good person, one who loves her daughter and her family but is looking for something for herself as well. I'm intrigued as to what will happen next and who she may end up choosing between Wes and Nash...if she does choose at all. 4.5 stars go to Nowhere. ♥

Date Read: 15 December 2016

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