Review: Lucky Man by Garrett Leigh (Heated Beat #2)

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“You’re kind of cute, all stoned and shit.”
Danny smiled, loopy and exhausted. “Cute? Whatever floats your boat, mate.”
“You float my boat.”

Danny Jones is a police officer on the vice squad tasked to keep eyes and ears on the prostitutes around his patch. With a strained relationship with his mother leading to an estrangement of sorts with the rest of his family, Danny's life is all about his job, but his love for music has him agreeing to go to a gig for the Lamps, the most popular band in the northern part of England. It's there that lead singer Finn McGovern captures Danny's attention with his voice, musicality, and gorgeousness, but Finn's attention was snagged by Danny even before they sat side by side at the bar. Thirty-six hours together leaves both of them wanting more time, but Finn doubts that Danny will want to have anything to do with him once he shares a certain but vital piece of information about himself. With Danny's current case looking like the work of a serial killer, he's already got a lot on his plate. Can he prove to be the kind of man Finn needs or will he do exactly what Finn expects him to: turn his back on him and walk away?

Lucky Man is the second book in author Garrett Leigh's Heated Beat series. Jack Lawson and Will Barter from My Mate Jack make numerous appearances here since they're both friends with Finn McGovern, but this really is all about Finn and Danny Jones. While the first book takes place from 1999 to 2004, this one is set in 2011. The information Finn tells Danny was something I wasn't expecting but it gave the story such an interesting twist to it and it gave me pause, wondering what I would have done had I been Danny. Music played a part in the series starter but it had a more prominent role to play here, and I liked that it was something that tied Danny and Finn together, helping them communicate when spoken words didn't suffice. The case Danny is in charge of was intriguing and when a minor character came along, I had an ominous feeling that proved to be right and it was quite sad. Both books stand on their own but I do recommend they be read in order. Five-plus stars for Lucky Man. ♥

Date Read: 23 December 2016

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