Review: The Pawn by Skye Warren (Endgame #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via L. Woods PR in exchange for an honest review.

The Pawn is the first novel in the brand new romantic suspense series from bestselling author Skye Warren entitled Endgame. Within a year, life as Avery James knew it has changed. The pampered only daughter of a wealthy widower, Avery had everything she could ever need and was given anything she wanted by her father who indulged her, even when she repeatedly told him she didn't require life's excesses. Now at nineteen, Avery is forced to take the reins, desperate to find money to make sure her ailing father receives the care he needs after being left broken and bleeding in an alleyway and having him prosecuted for crimes she never thought her loving father capable of. When she reaches out to a known loan shark, she encounters Gabriel Miller, a mysterious man with more than enough money to control the world--and people--around him. His connection to her father should make Avery wary of him, but when she agrees to put her virginity on the auction block, she seems to find Gabriel at every turn. Avery begins to play a very dangerous game with Gabriel, but what she has failed to realize is how much bigger of a game is being played and what's at stake. In the end, is she nothing more than one man's pawn?

I loved Skye Warren's Beauty series, which is what introduced me to her writing, and while I have yet to read her other series and standalones, this new series starter is a reminder that I need to do exactly that. Avery is a girl whose naivete lends to this aura of innocence that she has. Maybe her being naive wasn't a big deal before but in the world she finds herself in now, she's at the mercy of those who seek to take advantage of her desperation. To many people, her father is a criminal, but to her, her father was the one who loved and took care of her, so in his time of need, she wants to be the one to be there for him. There's a lot more going on her than one man wanting to stake his claim on a young woman's purity. Gabriel and Avery aren't friends but I don't see them as enemies either. It's like they're in some sort of limbo, a purgatory of sorts. There are hints of Gabriel being more than he may seem, but with The Pawn ending in a cliffhanger (gah!), I'm guessing his true or changing intentions will be revealed later on. I'm excited to see how much Avery changes in The Knight. Five out of five stars go to The Pawn. ♥

Release Date: 06 December 2016

Date Read: 06 December 2016

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