Review: Forever with You by Jennifer L. Armentrout writing as J. Lynn (Wait for You #5)

Forever with You is full-length novel number five in author Jennifer L. Armentrout's Wait for You series, which had the first releases still including her J. Lynn pen name, but the last two no longer adding it on. Weird, but hey, as long as the story continues to be interesting and the characters capture my heart, then who am I to complain? Here, we have another of the Mona's bartenders, twenty-six-year-old Nick Blanco, and a Shepherd graduate, twenty-three-year-old Stephanie Keith. Those who have read the previous books in the series will be familiar with both these characters, Nick working at Mona's since Stay with Me and Steph in the first three books--Wait for You, Trust in Me, and Wait for Me--because of her past hook-ups with both Cameron Hamilton and Jase Winstead. 

In their story, Nick and Steph meet as Steph moves into her new condo, having moved to Philadelphia in order to start her new job at the Lima Academy. When they see each other again at Mona's, it leads to a hook-up, one that they both understand is limited to a one-time thing. So, when Steph shows up again at Mona's, Nick questions her presence and she puts him his place. This was a first for Nick, and the guy who's never been friends with another woman in his adulthood decides that he wants to try another first--to be friends with the girl he wants to have more than one more shot with, in and out of bed. But then fate intervenes and gives them a gift, one that it takes away too. How can Nick and Steph have forever together if the reason they've been together is no longer around?

Okay, I know I said that Fall with Me was my favorite, but it now shares that top spot with Forever with You. I really, really, REALLY liked Nick and Steph and how these two kept it real. I stood up and cheered when Steph stood up to Nick and how she adjusted whatever dreams she had to make way for dreams she didn't realize she wanted until the opportunity came her way. Nick may have been a manwhore who obviously thought a tad too highly of himself, but the more he opens himself up to Steph, the more we get to see the kind of man he really is and when his secret is revealed, I was floored, but then it was like full circle moment, with everything in the past falling into place. Nick and Steph won me over time and again with their story, which is why five stars go to Forever with You. ♥

Date Read: 03 December 2016

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