Review: The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott

Note: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Christmas Throwaway is the story of Zachary Weston, who at two days shy of turning eighteen, finds himself calling the unwanted attention of a cop in front of a church. All Zach wants is a place to rest his weary bones for a short amount of time. He has nowhere to call home, not after his father physically assaulted him and made sure he left the house with nothing much than a few dollars. When Benjamin Hamilton informs him that he can't loiter in front of the church and then follows that up with an offer for him to stay in his mother's home for the holidays, Zach isn't sure what to make of it. For too long, he's been reminded that there's something wrong with him for being gay. But Ben's family welcomes him with open arms, and Zach begins to have hope. However, how can he enjoy the holidays not knowing how his sister is doing? Is Zach ready to wish for something more from Ben as well?

Gah! I adored this Christmas story! It may be short but it took a firm hold of my heart from the very beginning and refused to leave without taking a part of me by the time I finished reading it. My heart broke and hoped for Zach. No one should ever have to experience such rejection from the very people who should accept them first and foremost. His connection with Ben may have been borne by that meeting in front of the church but it was as if fate meant for them to be together over Christmas. Ben's mother, siblings, friends, and the rest of the Hamilton unit may have given Zach that feeling of family but Zach also gave Ben something that he's never felt with anyone else. The age difference (six to seven years) and Ben being the cop that helped Zach may have been complications, but I like to believe that love conquers all, especially during Christmas. I'm giving five stars to The Christmas Throwaway. ♥

Date Read: 04 December 2016

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