Review: Angel in a Book Shop by RJ Scott

Note: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Angel in a Book Shop is novella written by RJ Scott with a holiday theme to it. It's the tale of a man who feels like an utter failure at nearly thirty years old. Joshua Blakeman has lost his job, was forced to sell his home, and is now tasked to box up Chapter One, the family-owned book shop that holds bittersweet memories of his late father, who passed away nearly a year ago. Selling the book shop will allow his mother to have money on-hand, but Josh refuses to have his uncle's fingers dipping into anything involving the sale. As he works his way through the piles of books and one bookshelf to another, he meets Michael, the owner of Arts Desire, the store next door. Over cups of coffee and several kisses, Josh and Michael start to fall in love. Josh recognizes just how extraordinary Michael is, but that's just an inkling of what Michael really is. Question is: Will Josh still want him when he discovers the truth?

To call this novella "ethereal" would be apt because Michael and Josh's love story is special and has elements to it that are otherworldly. If you believe in soul mates or people who are fated to be together and you happen to be an M/M romance reader like me, then me thinks Angel in a Book Shop could be something you'd enjoy. Josh is feeling lost and the last place he expect to find some direction in his life is in a book shop, but that's exactly what happens once Michael strides into his life, coffee to-go cup in tow. I loved how each chapter would begin with the thoughts lingering inside Michael's head because they show that he, too, is lost but not to the extent that Josh may be. These two men do find each other and they find friendship, love, and acceptance, and the added element of family always wins with me, especially with Josh's mother finding happiness as well. Four stars for Angel in a Book Shop. ♥

Date Read: 06 December 2016

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