Review: Wrapped Together by Annabeth Albert (Portland Heat #5)

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Hollis Alcott, twenty-nine, owner of stationery store Paper, and twin brother of Char, hasn't looked forward to the holidays for the past three years, and this year is no different. However, Sawyer Murphy, also twenty-nine, owner of the Cards & More store--which has quickly become more of the "More" than the actual "Cards"--and twin brother to Tucker, husband of Hollis's sister Char, decides to make it his mission to make Hollis to rediscover his holiday spirit and makes a bet. From a visit to watch Christmas lights on display to taking a ride on the zoo train, Sawyer pulls out all the stops and Hollis finds himself to agreeing to experience whatever the guy he's known since high school has planned. And then a kiss is shared and it's the first of many and when things become far more physical and intimate, Hollis finds himself toeing the line between hoping things between them are casual and wondering if it could be the beginning of more. But Hollis refuses to allow himself to enjoy and feel cared for, not after what happened three years ago. Can Sawyer convince Hollis otherwise or will they be stuck in limbo forever?

Gah! I adored Hollis and Sawyer's story! Sawyer may have come off as this guy who didn't take anything seriously, making him the opposite to Hollis who took everything too seriously, but he was actually such a sweet guy who always had Hollis's best interests at heart. I just knew that what he felt for Sawyer was above and beyond what Hollis assumed it to be and I smiled like an idiot at certain parts of the story where these two were at their most open. I felt for Hollis, whose loss continues to affects him, and while he was this rigid man, I loved seeing how he relaxed and gave his heart over to Sawyer one little piece at a time. And can I just say that the fact he was obsessed about all things stationery earned him bonus points, what with me being such a stationery hoarder and all. It was nice to have Brady and Evren from Knit Tight here in this fifth installment of Annabeth Albert's Portland Heat series, and the theme of family carries over, making this a story about the importance of family and how we make the most of whatever time we have with those we love most. Five out of five stars easily go to Wrapped Together. ♥


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Date Read: 12 December 2016

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