Review: The Princess, the Prick, and the Priest by Ella Frank (Confessions #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

“We don want an awful lot. We want you, we want us, and we want forever.” 
“Most people don't understand us. But they don't need to. We love one another. We are meant to be with one another, and if that means you want an awful lot, then I do too.”

Every single time Ella Frank closes out a series, it's a bittersweet occasion. After all, fans and readers have fallen in love with the characters she's created and while we all want them to get their happily-ever-afters, when the inevitable final book comes along, we can't quite say goodbye. And here I find myself once again--bidding adieu to three men who have made their mark and made me believe that true love can actually exist in equal measure among three men. I'm always cautious with stories that involve three-sided relationships, and only a rarefied few have been able to make me stand back and think, "Yeah, I can totally see that happening." In the case of a princess  turned bar manager named Robbie, a prick who was renowned restaurateur and chef named Julien, and a priest who was a take-no-prisoners defense attorney named Joel but better known as Priest, a happy ending was well-deserved and very much earned, especially after everything they went through. And you know what? They got it.

Turning thirty isn't just about getting older for Robert Bianchi. A lot has happened in his life, but nothing quite as life-altering as having his slightly older and very much married boyfriends Joel Priestley and Julien Thornton love him as much as they do. They've been through the wringer, but everything seems to be coming up roses for the trio nowadays. Until Robbie gets the latest in a string of phone calls he's been avoiding--but for how long did he really hope to keep holding off on speaking to his mother? Because as much as Robbie loves his family, particularly his parents, sisters, and nonna, and in as much as they've always accepted him wholeheartedly, what assurance does he really have that they'll be able to welcome the idea of his having not just one but two boyfriends and that they also happen to be married and have been for years? This princess has been hoping for a his very own fairy tale happy ending, but his men prove to him that the best kind of happy endings are those that happen in real life.

If I could have dreamed up my own ending for Robbie, Julien, and Priest, it wouldn't even have come close to the perfection of the one in this fourth and final Confessions novel. And Robbie was one of those supporting characters who demanded he get a spin-off because he was always so damn compelling each time he appeared in the Temptation series--just like Logan Mitchell in the Exquisite series and, to a slightly lesser degree--because Logan IS Logan--Daniel Finley in the original Temptation trilogy and Dylan Prescott in the Sunset Cove duet. But let's not forget that Priest, who may have been a latecomer in the Temptation series, because the man was intriguing, and then came along Julien in the same series, and voila! We had ourselves a dreamsome (calling dibs on that word!) threesome, but these three weren't just about sex--although there is a lot of it and I am certainly not complaining. Their story is about love, friendship, and family and how some risks are worth taking even without any guarantees because they'd regret not taking it. The Princess, the Prick, and the Priest fought for their happy ending and they get it in the best way possible. This receives five-plus stars, and Frank's Confessions series average the same rating. ♥


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Release Date: 13 November 2018 11 November 2018 (early release)

Date Read: 07 November 2018

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