Audiobook Review: Leaning Into a Wish by Lane Hayes, narrated by Nick J. Russo (Leaning Into #5)

“I have a confession. My crush is more than a crush, and I want more than chocolate from you.” 
“What do you want, Ry?” 
“You have me. I'm here.”

When I was sucked into the black hole otherwise known as audiobookaholism--a spin-off of my original  and continuing bookaholism--this year, I knew there was no going back. I've become a certified audiobook addict, and so far, there's only one author whose every single audiobook sits proudly--and quite prettily, if I do say so myself--on my audiobook shelves: Lane Hayes. I've read all her books, so naturally, I wanted to listen to all her audiobooks as well. I'm also enough of a fangirl to admit that I have a favorite series--her Leaning Into stories--and among those seven books, there was one in particular I loved most...which also happened to lone book in the series that had yet to have an audio edition. So what's a fangirl like me to do? I bugged Lane Hayes, of course! I asked, I begged, and I badgered whenever talk of audio came about, and well, I'm guessing all that stuff finally work because this fabulous favorite go-to author of mine announced that an audio of Leaning Into a Wish was, indeed, going to be released. And now, NOW, it's here! Who says wishes don't come true?! I leaned into mine, and I am one heck of a happy camper. The fact that it came out in the midst of the holiday season felt like absolute kismet.

For a change, I'm not going into go into the whole summation of basic details and points of the story without giving any spoilers away. I did all that when I reviewed the ebook, and now, I just want to bask in the giddiness inspired by what I consider the perfection combination of Lane Hayes's writing and Nick J. Russo's narration in Leaning Into a Wish. Nearly a year after having read the book, and Danny Myers and Ryan Haskell still have a firm hold on this heart of mine. Russo's exceptional vocal skills are on full display here, done so subtly yet enough that he's given both Danny and Ryan their own unique voices, as was the case with the supporting characters in this book. The material that Russo had to work with was he perfect lighthearted holiday read with just a punch of angst added to it to satisfy the angst addict in me, but then I expect nothing less from an author with Hayes's ability to write stories that weave their way around your heart and take root. This may sound cheesy, but I adored the jingle bells at the beginning and end of the audio because it's touches like these that I take note off. With just a little over a month till Christmas, allow me already name Leaning Into a Wish as one of my top audios of 2018. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Listened to: 06 November 2018

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