Review: Timid by Devney Perry (Lark Cove #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR.

Her hand slipped under mine. “Thank you.” 
“For what? Sex?” I chucked. “You don't ever have to thank me for sex.” 
“No.” She laughed. “Not for sex. For making a dream come true.”

Three books in, and my love for Devney Perry's writing and stories continues to grow. I've still got her Jamison Valley series to read, but her The Birthday List standalone, which was my introduction to her writing, and her current Lark Cove series are already sitting prettily on my "Best Reads of 2018" list. Timid is her second Lark Cove novel and while the main characters and a very basic inkling of their connection were introduced in the series starter and a bit of the story line from book one comes into play and there are recurring characters, this was boook can be read as a standalone, if someone chooses to do so. (Hint: Read these books in order. You will NOT regret it!)

Hometown girl Willa Doon was only seventeen when Jackson Page came into town and promptly became Willa's crush--a crush that's still alive and well nearly a decade later. But maybe "well" isn't an apt description for it any longer, not when Jackson can't even get her name right--it's WillA, not WillOW, damn it!--and doesn't see her as anything more than Nate and Betty Doon's daughter and a semi-regular customer at the bar Jackson works at. Then, wholly unexpectedly, he kisses her and actually calls her by the right name...only to forget all about it the next day. Heartbroken, Willa decides it's time to let go of this crush of hers and move on. Why waste even more years on some guy who barely knows she exists? So why does Jackson have to choose now to finally ask Willa out?!

Can I just say that I love how much Willa evolved in this book?! There's nothing wrong with being shy and timid--hello, I know all about those two things REALLY well--but seeing that Willa not only had a formidable side to her, but one that exponentially grew in confidence throughout was one of my favorite things here. Then there's Jackson, who goes from utterly clueless to suitably smitten over Willa, and I may have squeed when he finally called her by her actual name the first time (only to be super disappointed by him when they saw each other again the day after) and then promptly giggled when he joked about it those two times much later on. The author took this story in a couple of directions that were unexpected yet quite appreciated, and the addition of a mystery plus some angst to an overall lighthearted read easily made Timid a five-plus-starred read. Don't miss the bonus short! ♥


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Date Read: 07 September 2018

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