Review: Saving Jason by K.C. Wells

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“Am I?” David murmured. When Jason gave him a quizzical glance, David smiled. “Your man?” 
Jason had never felt so flustered. “Well, the position seems to be yours, if you want it,” he said carefully, trying to keep his tone light. 
David’s eyes locked onto his, and there was suddenly no trace of the fatigue that had clung to him when he’d entered the shop. “Yeah, I think I’ll apply.”

This story so did not go the way I was expecting it to and that's just one of the reasons I adored author K.C. Wells's holiday novella, Saving Jason. In his late twenties, David Merrow has spent the last five years since graduating college working in and now heading the public relations department of the law firm that employs him. When he's tasked by a senior partner to look for a homeless shelter that they can work in partnership with in order to bring positive PR for the firm and more attention for the shelter, David doesn't know where to start looking in a city filled with shelters, soup kitchens, and the like. Then he finds help in a place that he never really quite expects to find it.

During one of his usual rushed trips to the café where he gets his coffee and breakfast, David notices an older man giving away sandwiches and cups of coffee to several homeless individuals without asking for payment in return. When he learns Jason Garton's motivation and that he's actually been doing it for quite some time and that he's the owner of the cafe, David realizes he hasn't noticed much around him. Jason helps him find a shelter but they also begin an unexpected friendship. However, while David is forthcoming, Jason shares very little about himself. Something about Jason's loneliness calls to him, and maybe he could help make the holidays special for his friend.

I love the direction that Jason and David's story went in. This was a story about self-acceptance and opening yourself up to the possibilities that life has to offer you, especially if you take the time to pay attention. David learns that not everything is about rushing from home to work and then returning home alone after more than a full day's worth of work. Jason, on the other hand, learns to move forward instead of remaining stuck in the place that he's been for far too long. The twenty-seven-year-old learns from the forty-five-year-old and vice-versa, and I loved the camaraderie between the two that was nurtured into more over time. Saving Jason gets five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 08 December 2016

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