Review: New York Christmas by RJ Scott

Note: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

From the title alone, it's pretty clear where and when New York Christmas is it, but beyond the title, it's the story of Christian Matthews, a former English teacher in a private school fired for reasons beyond those given to him, and Daniel Bailey, a New York City cop belonging to one of the wealthiest families from Boston. Chris and Daniel first met when Chris was a senior and TA in a freshman English class that Daniel was attending. Hours of tutoring may have led to one drunken kiss over eggnog but nothing more and it would take a decade before either one of them saw each other again. Except there's nothing accidental about their meeting in the bakery where Chris is helping his best friend. Chris can't quite believe the student he was crushing on all those years ago is buying muffins from him, but Daniel has been on a mission. If only he can convince Chris that what's happening between them is real...

I'm beginning to think that RJ Scott has found her specialization when it comes to romance sub-genres and that's writing holiday books. This was sweet and cute and had a bit of angst to stir up a bit of drama because we all need small doses of that in our lives. I wouldn't necessarily call this a second chance romance but more of a taking-that-first-chance-ten-years-later love story between two people who had a spark but left it at nothing more than a kiss but it was enough of a beginning to want to see if anything could come of it a decade later. The side story involving Chris and his former place of employment presented, sadly enough, an all too familiar scenario that today's work force faces and that's discrimination based on one's sexuality. As always, RJ Scott tugs on her readers's heartstrings while making sure to leave a satisfied smile on our faces. New York Christmas is four stars of Christmas goodness! ♥

Date Read: 05 December 2016

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