Review: Jesse's Christmas by RJ Scott

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Jesse's Christmas is a holiday novella written by RJ Scott and it's about a renowned photographer whose love Christmas is lost once the deception his boyfriend comes to light. Two years later, Jesse Connor's latest assignment has him making his way to Eden Vale, a small town in Vermont--population 1,007--that's been named the Best Christmas Small Town. His agent--and the only friend he's got left--thinks it'll do him good to immerse himself in Eden Vale while finding inspiration for his photos and the write-ups he needs to put together. However, Jesse isn't holding out too much hope. Then he meets Gabriel McClurey, a local teacher and the son of the owner of the quaint Eden Vale Hotel, and it seems as if the gorgeous guy has his fingers dipped in all all things Christmas. Can Gabriel convince Jesse that Christmas is something he can believe in again and even believe in a future together?

This was a story that filled me with hope and a feeling of whimsy that you only get with the Christmas season. Jesse used to love Christmas but after what his ex did, not just to him but to other people, Jesse's grown to hate the holidays. Gabriel, on the other hand, still loves the season. He too has an ex, but their relationship didn't implode the way Jesse's did, so he's handled it differently. I liked that there was a bit of awkwardness going on with regards to their first few interactions and how neither one was entirely sure if the other was gay or not. On a side note, I thought the pairing of Gabriel's mom and his boss--the school principal--was adorable! Seniors in love and all that jazz. It wasn't a big thing in the story but it was mentioned a couple of times and somehow it stuck. With Jesse's Christmas, RJ Scott's given a holiday story that inspires hope and belief in life's second chances. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 December 2016

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