Review: A Very Vegas St. Patrick's Day by Kayley Loring (Very Holiday #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors.

Fair waring: Do NOT read this book while drinking any sort of liquid. This was one of those moments where I was thankful I had a tablet in my hands rather than a paperback because it made wiping down painless. But then laughing out loud--especially snort laughing--has become the norm with a Kayley Loring book, and it looks like Connor Crais has caught the writing bug, particularly of the rom-com variety, and two co-written books in and he's in the groove. I adored Nolan Cassidy and Cora Delaney as main characters. I mean, come on; he's an Irish cinnamon roll and she's a fierce single mom! Add to that the supporting characters and cameo appearances and a story that was both hilarious and sweet, and I was one heck of a happy camper. God bless the Irish, the women they woo, and the authors who create them so darn well. Five stars for A Very Vegas St. Patrick's Day!


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Release Date: 17 February 2022

Date Read: 15 February 2022

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