Release Blitz: Royal Pickle by JJ Knight

Royal Pickle
(Royally Pickled #1)
by JJ Knight
Release Date: February 28, 2022

About Royal Pickle
He’s a prince who can’t keep his pants on. She writes dirty limericks in a Brooklyn deli. Their spontaneous royal wedding is a match made in mayhem.

I have to find a wife.
And not just any wife.
A love match.

My parents gave me ten years to find a princess on my own, and the deadline has arrived.

I’ve outrun the palace guards for months, but due to an incident with a rooster Speedo that went viral, they have tracked me to America.

I’m not known for my stellar taste in the opposite sex. The last one put my naked pictures on Instagram.

But there is this one girl. I saw her in a New York deli making sandwiches. She helped me escape the photographers.

Smart. Beautiful. Quick-witted.
Yes. I choose her.

Now all I have to do in convince her to marry me.

In the next seven days.


Royal Pickle is a standalone romantic comedy about a prince on the run, a poet with a dream, and a made-up European country where everyone likes to sing and dance. With donkeys.

You do not have to read the rest of the Pickleverse to enjoy Royal Pickle, which is the love story of Sunny, the last unmarried Pickle cousin. You can start right here.

Read my 4.5-starred review of Royal Pickle.

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An Excerpt from Royal Pickle
There once was a girl from New York
Who never ate with the right fork
She met a hot prince
Saved him from a pinch
And now worries she’ll be Princess Dork

“Do you want me to tell the King and Queen that I love you?” I’m a horrible liar, but I suppose I could try. We have to keep up the ruse until we know if we’re a real couple. We have no idea, not yet.

His gaze rests on face. “No. No lies. I want to see if there is anything there, or if I should take care.”

“Take care how—” I’m silenced by his mouth on mine.

And I understand. He doesn’t want our first kiss to be an unknown element. He’ll either kiss me in front of his family, or not, based on… this.

I’m melting.

His mouth moves over mine, gently, as if asking a question. I lean into him, my arms connecting with his bare chest.

The two sensations are wildly at odds. The careful kiss. The sizzle of our skin. I’m overwhelmed with a crazed need to take it deeper, to fall into him.

And he knows it, somehow. His hand slides under my hair and lifts my head so that he might part my lips, delving into my mouth.

Yes, my prince, I believe there is something there.

About JJ Knight

JJ Knight is the USA Today and Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic comedy including Tasty Mango and Big Pickle.

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