Review: Breaking News by Ella Frank (Prime Time #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

After that nail-biter of a cliffhanger ending in Inside Affair, Ella Frank returns with the second book in her Prime Time series. Fair warning: I will most probably mention something in this review of mine that will turn out to be a spoiler (or spoilers) for anyone who has yet to read the first book. Proceed with caution and take note that these books MUST be read in order. I know some readers are waiting for all three books to be released, and I totally get how very frustrating waiting in between releases can be, so if you need to step away from reading this, no worries.

Picking up where the series starter left off, Breaking News finds Sean Bailey and Alexander Thorne trying to deal with the aftermath of Sean and Xander's first date together. Neither was expecting it to end the way that it did, and now Xander is saddled with misplaced guilt, and no matter how many times he tries to convince himself that both he and Sean are okay, he knows things have changed. Their original arrangement was for Sean to keep Xander safe from an unknown stalker, but will he be able to protect Xander's heart if he's the same one who may break it?

I was on pins and needles during the first few chapters of this book and then I was absolutely gobsmacked with that cliffhanger ending. Gah! I know, I KNOW, from experience that when Ella Frank writes a series that features the same couple, readers are going to have those evil cliffhanger endings to deal with, yet when I get to that cliffy, I still can't help my mouth falling open in shock and wishing it were already September so I can get my hands on the third and final book. Sean and Xander have come so far, but I need more, damn it! Five stars go to Breaking News. ♥


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Release Date: 27 July 2020

Date Read: 20 July 2020

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