Review: A Place Without You by Jewel E. Ann

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR.

If you want a great romance read, there are more than a few out there to choose from; if you need an extraordinary love story, then look no further than Jewel E. Ann. The woman is one hell of a gifted writer, as evidenced by the wicked sense of humor and wickedly wonderful romances she shares with readers and fans every single time she releases a new novel. With the publication of her latest standalone, the author delivers yet another romance that pulls at your heartstrings as the main characters encounter momentous challenges to any sort of happily-ever-after. Once again, Ann doesn't disappoint with A Place Without You.

When they first met at Coachella, they were just Henna and Bodhi--an eighteen-year-old enjoying a world-renowned music festival without a parent in sight and a twenty-six-year-old tech guy for the event simply wanting relish in the freedom of the occasion. Then he upped and left without a word of goodbye, leaving her to wonder how long before a broken heart fully mends. And then they see each other again--she as Henna Eve Lane, senior high school student and he as Bodhi Kaden Malon, high school guidance counselor. Fate may have brought them together, but there's a reason why people say Fate can be a very cruel bitch...

If you're thinking that this is nothing more than another forbidden or taboo romance, I'm going to stop you right there. You're either unfamiliar with this particular author's writing or you're simply jumping the gun. There is a whole lot more that's to Bodhi and Henna's love story than meets the eye. The stuff I mentioned in the paragraph above is just the tip of the iceberg and I refuse to divulge anything else for fear of spoiling it for anyone. Does this end happily? Yes, it does, but nothing comes easily to these two, so it was quite a journey for them as individuals or as a couple. Aaand I'll leave it at that. Five stars for A Place Without You. ♥

Release Date: 02 January 2019

Date Read: 01 January 2019

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