Review: Crazy Beautiful Love by K.L. Grayson (Dirty Dicks #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

I cradle her face in my hands, brush my thumb along her bottom lip and slowly lean down until my mouth hovers above hers. She takes a breath and releases it with a faint whimper. I let that whimper soak into my bones. I let it fuel me. I enjoy the moment, the calm before the storm, because that's what this kiss will be; it's what Tess and I will be if we decide to take it that far. A storm, brewing in the night, colliding in one loud, thunderous, gloriously scary moment that will shake the entire world.

This series!!! Gah! It took one book for me to fall for K.L. Grayson's writing--The Truth About Lennon--and a series about the Allen siblings of Heaven, Texas to have me absolutely addicted. I've promptly bought all of this author's books on Amazon, and I've pre-ordered her upcoming release in March. I'm that smitten with Grayson's stories, and even if some books may be more angsty than others (I already have A Lover's Lament Whispersynced on my Audible app), I'm planning on devouring every single one that I've already missed out one. Told you I'm addicted!

But back to this series... Dirty Dicks may sound like romantic comedy or even raunchy erotica, but it isn't. There's a lightheartedness to the books, but there's also a dash of angst in each of the stories. I've loved every single one of the Dirty Dicks novels, but the fourth one, Crazy Beautiful Love, holds the distinction of being the first one that had me crying for a good five minutes. Add to that the beautifully written romance between the main characters and the series' story arc about family and there was simply no putting my tablet down the moment I started perusing.

Flower shop owner Tess Walker hasn't hidden the fact that she doesn't want to have anything to do with renowned photographer Beau Allen. Sure, she adores the Allen clan and she's best friends with two of the women who've gone and fallen for two of the Allen brothers. Beau, though? Yeah, the love hasn't been extended his way and Beau is completely clueless as to why. But soon, Tess finds her defensive walls slowly but surely crumbling as Beau opens her eyes to the sweet and caring man that he is. However, is she willing to risk her heart on a man who will leave?

I went into Crazy Beautiful Love with only one expectation: to fall in love with yet another Allen brother and the love story he shares with the woman who knocks him off his feet. K.L. Grayson met that expectation and then some, giving me the romance that I craved while also giving the "more" that I always hope I'll find between the proverbial covers. I loved the subtle but life-altering changes Beau and Tess and their relationship went through. Their story excited and soothed my heart and it made me smile and cry. What more could I ask for? Five-plus stars. ♥


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Release Date: 31 January 2019

Date Read: 29 January 2019

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