Review: Recipe for Seduction by Gina Gordon (Madewood Brothers #3)

Veronica Whitfield and Finnigan O'Reilly have known each other since they were in the foster system together. Finn, his brother Cole Murphy, and V's older brother Mark have been best friends since they first met and V has always been part of the group, little sister to all three boys. But for years, neither V nor Finn has been willing to risk their friendship for the unknown mutual fantasy of having more...until she seduces him. But can Finn still have the dream of a wife and family with the woman he loves when he finds out that, after ten years of caring for her half-siblings, she doesn't see herself having any kids of her own?

Recipe for Seduction is the third book in the Madewood Brothers series from Gina Gordon and is Finn O'Reilly, who, like his three other brothers, is a successful chef with dreams that include a wife and children. He's always had feelings for Veronica Whitfield, younger sister of his best friend Mark, but he hasn't really done anything about it. He has no clue that V has loved him since she was eleven, but after spending ten years caring for her younger siblings, she feels frumpy, especially next to Finn's soon-to-be sisters-in-law. With her siblings supposedly going off to college, she'll finally have the time to focus on herself and get her sexy back, and the one person who can help her do just that is her brother's best friend.

This was romance combined two of my favorite tropes: friends to lovers and falling for your brother's best friend (or falling for your best friend's sister). Finn and V have a lot in common and can easily relate to each other's need for and loyalty to family, especially their siblings. However, V's decade-long experience of being more like a mother to her younger siblings has made her feel that she's over the whole parenting thing, leading her to no longer want to have her own kids, a dream she shared with Finn when they were younger. This, of course, complicates things with as far as her blossoming relationship with Finn is concerned because he wants to have a family of his own and he wants to be able to have it with Veronica.

Both Finn and V were highly likable lead characters and with both of them being middle children (just like me), they're used to being mediators in the family, trying to maintain the peace whenever possible. They've always put their families first but being together and pursuing a relationship, even though it was supposed to be purely physical in the beginning, is something they did for themselves, needing to satisfy their own needs and wants. I certainly liked the side story involving V's younger brother Cal and how his relationship with his sister was vital to him and how Finn became a mentor of his. Recipe for Seduction was a lighthearted romance that was a quick but enjoyable read. Book three gets four stars! ♥

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Date Read: 06 August 2015

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