Review: Reckless Hope by J. Leigh Bailey (Letting Go #2)

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Sebastian Carlisle is used to people seeing as nothing more than a disappointment to his family legacy, constantly comparing him to his twin brother who died two years ago. He may be reckless at times but the risks that he takes are part of who he is, needing that high he gets when partaking of extreme activities. When he meets Micah Burke, he sees someone burdened with responsibilities, and for the first time, Sebastian finds himself wanting to be the person Micah can lean on. But Micah has his own preconceived notions of the kind of guy Sebastian is and in spite of their chemistry, he keeps his distance. Sebastian needs to prove he's worthy to be with Micah if he hopes to win the heart of the guy he's quickly falling for.

Reckless Hope is the second book in the Letting Go series from author J. Leigh Bailey and is a new adult (NA) romance between two nineteen-year-old guys with very different takes on life but who find themselves drawn to one another. Sebastian Carlisle comes from a wealthy family and he's used to living a life of privilege, but he's also suffered the loss of the person closest to him--his twin brother Zachary. On the other hand, Micah Burke became his sister's guardian when he was only sixteen after his father died and his mother became a quadriplegic due to driving him drunk. Sebastian may not have the same struggles as Micah, but he's trying to find his place in his grandfather's life while still being true to himself.

While Sebastian may come off as not taking his responsibilities as a student and the assumed heir of Carlisle Properties, Micah takes his responsibilities too seriously, leaving him little time for his own pursuits. My heart broke for Sebastian because people were labeling him based on what they saw instead of actually taking the time to get to know him and I felt it was unfair of Micah to make the pronouncement that Sebastian was someone he would not be able to rely on. Yes, Sebastian is a bit more playful and lax, but there's more to him than meets the eye and the fact that he was trying so hard to be with Micah had me thinking that he deserved to be with someone who would accept and appreciate him for who he truly was.

I admit that I liked Sebastian far more than I did Micah, because even with all he was struggling with, Micah tended to make assumptions about the guy and yet was completely fine with fooling around and sleeping with him. Even when Sebastian would show Micah that he could count on him, Micah failed to open his eyes, instead choosing to be closed-minded about even trying to have a relationship with the guy. I will say, though, that I loved how the story wasn't just about how they tried to overcome the challenges of their relationship, but it was also about family and discovering the kind of person you want to be. Reckless Hope was about being willing to take risks in order to find hope and happiness and I'm giving it four stars. ♥

Release Date: 24 August 2015

Date Read: 21 August 2015

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