Review: At Wolf Ranch by Jennifer Ryan (Montana Men #1)

With only nine weeks to wait before he can finally call Wolf Ranch his, Gabe Bowden can't believe his plans are coming together. Purchasing the property for an unbelievable price, he's ready to move in his cattle and the rest of his furnishings, but everything gets put on hold when Ella Wolf informs him that Wolf Ranch still belongs to her family. It becomes clear that Gabe was taken for a ride and he wants answers, but so does Ella, especially since her twin sister was murdered by someone the Wolf girls trusted. They'll have to work together and find the evidence Ella's sister uncovered before her killer gets his hands on Ella.

At Wolf Ranch is the first full-length novel in the Montana Men series from Jennifer Ryan and is about Gabe Bowden, the eldest among the Bowden brothers, and Ella Wolf, heiress to the Wolf empire. The story is fast-paced, always something I appreciate when it comes to the romantic suspense genre because you certainly don't want to get bored while reading. Someone's after Ella and the only way to stop him and his henchmen is to locate the evidence Ella's twin sister Lela found and hid somewhere that only Ella would be able to decipher. As they uncover the truth, Gabe and Ella end up falling in love with each other.

Ella is a woman whose life may be in danger, but she never allows that fact to get in the way of her need to do whatever is necessary to gain justice for her sister's murder. She's willing to take risks if it means being a step closer to putting the mastermind and his cronies in jail. It's clear who the bad guy is from the beginning, but the depths of his deception and evil doings surprised even me. Ella does, however, have her allies and she's careful about who she does and doesn't trust. Her wariness when it comes to Gabe is understandable, but the connection between them makes it easier for her to finally lower all her defenses.

Both the romance and the suspense aspects of the story were at par with each other, neither feeling overwhelming or underwhelming compared to the other. Ella and Gabe's love story is fraught with danger but Gabe's need to protect her is quite obvious and you know that he'll put his own life on the line for her. I liked that there weren't any easy answers for these two, especially since Ella had her life and a business empire to run back in New York while Gabe's life was all about ranching and his family. But, if it's one thing their story highlights, it's that love and justice, in the end, do prevail. At Wolf Ranch gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 18 August 2015

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