Review: Her Lucky Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan (Montana Men #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by Avon Books in exchange for an honest review.

Dane Bowden wanted to end his career as a rodeo rider with a win, one that would make sure he could set up the family ranch that would become his the way he saw fit. While he got what he wanted, he also ended up suffering horrific injuries at the end of his run and could have lost more than his leg had he not been rescued by the same angel that helped him eleven years ago. But it's clear that Bell Brittany is very different from the other women he's been with and Dr. Bell doesn't think doctors and patients should date. However, Dane is in it for the long haul and plans to break down every single one of Bell's defenses.

Her Lucky Cowboy is the fourth release and third full-length novel in Jennifer Ryan's popular Montana Men series and we finally get the youngest Bowden brother's story with this latest installment! Dane Bowden is ready to retire from the rodeo but he wants to do it on top and it ends up almost costing him his life. He's rescued by Dr. Bell Brittany, who turns to out to be the same girl who helped him when he fell of his horse eleven years prior. The connection that sparked between them all those years ago matures into something more, but Bell knows nothing about love and affection due to the circumstances of her birth.

Dane has always had a way with the ladies but he's up against a woman who isn't easily swayed by his good looks and charm. He becomes a more mature version of himself because of Bell and she, in turn, sees that Dane is a man that she can entrust her heart to. Dane's family have always been welcoming of the women that the Bowden boys fall in love with and the same can be said when it comes to Bell, who is unfamiliar with the concept of acceptance and familial love, no thanks to her father who rejected and handed her off to his mother, the woman who treated Bell as if she were the worst thing that happened to their family.

There's a side story involving a close female friend of Dane's who is experiencing domestic abuse and has done something to protect her young daughter and that Dane only learns much later. It's an interesting twist and one that is connected to the psychopath who sees Dane as the man who took away the woman he loved and wants to get revenge by hurting the one person that means the most to Dane. Of course, there's a lot of involvement from the rest of the Bowden clan and I'm assuming that the Kendrick brothers will be getting their own time in the spotlight as the series continues. Her Lucky Cowboy gets 4.5 stars out of five. ♥

Release Date: 25 August 2015

Date Read: 18 August 2015

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