Review: More Than Anything by T.T. Kove (More Than Anything #1)

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"That was my first kiss," I whispered against his neck. "My very first kiss."

"Believe it or not, but it was mine too."

That piece of information left me reeling. He'd never kissed anyone before? Handsome, gorgeous Jørgen hadn't been kissed? I was his first. I was his first kiss! We'd been each other's first kiss. What were the odds?

Twenty-two-year-old Jørgen Lister isn't the type of man to need or want to be around other people. He prefers being the solitary figure that he is, uncomfortable with even being touched. His traumatizing past is what's made him the way he is and he has no other choice but to accept it. Then he meets sixteen-year-old Geir Berger and what starts as one stranger merely helping out another begins to become something that means much more to both of them. But Jørgen's past is preventing him from being the kind of man that Geir deserves. Before they can move forward together, they'll have to overcome the hurdles holding them back.

More Than Anything is the first novel in the series by the same title from author T.T. Kove and is a new adult (NA) romance about Jørgen Lister and Geir Berger, two people who have more to deal with than one could possibly handle but learn to rise above it all as individuals and as a couple. The story was heartrending, what with its tale of too many years of abuse, yet never failed to remain hopeful and in the end, that's what you take away from Jørgen and Geir's love story--the knowledge that there is a glimmer of light in the middle of darkness and sometimes all you need to do is to reach out to ask for help and support.

Both Jørgen and Geir had their own burdens in life that they were carrying--Jørgen with his post-traumatic stress that resulted in panic and anxiety attacks due to the abuse he suffered at the hands of his uncle and Geir with his epilepsy, the feeling of being alone, and the bullying he experienced in school. When they unexpectedly become friends, they find in one another a kindred spirit and a source of inspiration and support, someone who understands and accepts the other wholeheartedly and unquestioningly. These two learn to fight for what they want and need and what they want and need is to be at each other's side forever.

Now, I know Geir's being sixteen may raise quite a few eyebrows, but according to the book, and with a bit of Googling, it is the age of consent in Norway, which is where the story is set. I also agree with what Geir says in the story--that had he been in twenties, the age difference wouldn't be given as much importance. There are also triggers in the book regarding various forms of abuse on a minor, so be aware going in. Even with those considerations in mind, I'm still highly recommending More Than Anything and hope that you'll be as inspired by the story as I was. This now joins the ranks of all-time favorites and gets five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 August 2015

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