Review: Riding Dirty by Jill Sorenson (Dirty Eleven #1)

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Forensic psychologist Mia Richards's latest client is Cole "Shank" Shepherd, a tattooed biker and member of the Dirty Eleven motorcycle club who is the epitome of a bad boy. He's been forced into becoming an informant in exchange for being released from prison early and he's exactly what Mia needs for her plan for vengeance. Three years ago, she watched her beloved husband murdered by two masked individuals who invaded their home. She was left for dead and now she's determined to seek revenge. She doesn't expect to become attracted and drawn to Cole, and it's clear that he feels the same about her. As their feelings and relationship grows, the dangerous game they're both playing soon becomes life-threatening.

Riding Dirty is the first novel in the Dirty Eleven romantic suspense series from author Jill Sorenson and is about Mia Richards, a forensic psychologist with a plan to extract revenge on those who killed her husband and tried to kill her, and Cole Shepherd, a newly paroled ex-convict and Dirty Eleven motorcycle club member and the key component to Mia's plan. When she finds herself falling for the tatted bad boy on a bike, she nixes her plan and the two become inevitably inseparable. He makes her want to explore the new kind of woman she's becoming and she makes him want a life away from the MC and all the loss he's endured because of it. But when she's forced to betray him, they're caught in a fight for love and freedom.

I've read my fair share of MC romance novels before, some with a twist of suspense and some simply straight romance or erotica, but this first in a series had a combination of all three and I was hooked from the beginning. I enjoyed the story of a widow bent on revenge only to fall in love with the man who was supposed to be the pawn to making it all fall into place. If Mia found her connection to him unexpected, the characterization of Cole wasn't expected either. Here was the opposite of the often unkempt MC characters found in a lot of books and while a lot of MC members are portrayed as putting their club and brothers before of their own families, Cole's loyalty was first to his late brother Rylan and, later, to Mia.

Mia is discovering a new side to herself, what with her no longer being the woman she once was prior to her husband's murder, and it's Cole who's able to help her do it. There's a lot of steam in the story but the romance is there as well, so this isn't a story that based solely on sex. These two characters have experienced the loss of the person that meant the most to them--her husband and his brother--and I really liked them together because it's like they simply fit so well as a couple, even though they seemed like such opposites on the outside. The event leading to the end of the story did bother me and affected my overall enjoyment of the book, leaving me to knock half a star from its final rating. Riding Dirty gets four stars. ♥

Release Date: 17 August 2015

Date Read: 13 August 2015

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