Review: (Murder) Love on the Menu by Dyann Love Barr (A Taste for (Murder) Love #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Tilly Danes and Jordan Kelly have been a couple for a few months now and Jordan wants nothing more than to put a ring on Tilly's finger so they can start planning their future as a married couple. However, Tilly is as gun-shy as ever when it comes to marriage and any other sort of action that conveys a serious and committed relationship. To complicate matters further, a former lover of Jordan's is Culinary Channel's latest addition to the roster of talent, a tidbit he has yet to tell Tilly, but that's put on hold when they discover her body in the network's prep kitchen. When a second murder occurs, Jordan and Tilly find themselves caught between finding a murderer and figuring out exactly where their relationship is headed.

Murder Love on the Menu is the second novel in the romantic suspense A Taste for Murder Love series from Dyann Love Barr and takes place several months after the events in the first novel, A Recipe for Murder Love. Jordan Kelly and Tilly Danes are happy and in love, but while Jordan wants to their relationship to the next logical step--marriage--and he has the specially designed engagement ring to prove his commitment, Tilly is far more hesitant. She's already been burned twice by two men, who, ironically, have names beginning with the letter "J" (just like Jordan...could that be a sign?), and she has her fourteen-year-old daughter to think of. A new set of murders adds more tension to their relationship.

Ah, it appears as if one time wasn't enough for these celebrity chefs, especially since they seem to have a bad habit of finding dead bodies of people they know. While Tilly is more gung-ho about providing consulting on the murder cases, Jordan isn't exactly thrilled about the idea, especially since he remembers what happened to Tilly the first time they tried to be amateur super sleuths. The prime suspect I had in my head from the beginning turned out to be the right one because it simply made the most sense and their was motivation on that person's end for each of the murders. There wasn't a detective wreaking havoc on their relationship, though Tilly wasn't above using Jordan's best friend Hank Tapper to make him jealous. 

With Jordan and Tilly being a couple in this story, readers are able to see more of their dynamic when they're together. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that Tilly has a daughter and has been burned twice by men she was with. Jordan had his own heart trampled on by another woman in the past and insecurities she instilled in him come into play. I'll admit that my opinion of Tilly did falter a bit in this sequel, and while I understand her reasons for pushing Jordan away, it was clear that she was looking for an excuse to put some distance between them. Still, I quite enjoyed Murder Love on the Menu, both the story and cast of characters and would welcome another addition to this entertaining series. Four stars. ♥ 

Release Date: 17 August 2015

Date Read: 14 August 2015

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