Review: Pretty Smart Girls - Lace Up by Shae Ross (Pretty Smart Girls #1)

Ryan Rose and her two best friends are headed to New York, not to party it up during their spring break but to go head-to-head with another team of three in a prestigious entrepreneurial competition. Winning the money would help Ryan out with her tuition for law school as well as her two besties with their family situations plus they'll get to work for the Fortune 500 corporation in charge of the contest for a year. But Team Ryan is up against the more than formidable Team Jett and the well-known rivalry between their alma maters--Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, respectively--has nothing on them. They're focused on the prize...until Ryan finds herself distracted by none other than Jett Trebuchet.

Pretty Smart Girls - Lace Up by Shae Ross is the first in the new adult (NA) Pretty Smart Girls series and the author's debut novel. The story--an inter-university entrepreneurial competition in New York between two universities with an already well-entrenched rivalry plus the classic boys versus girls scenario--was what piqued my interest. I loved that this wasn't the usual college romance with the only twist being that the main characters were from rival schools. This felt creatively fresh and certainly a nice change of pace from the norm, with competition that had more to do with one's brain than their brawn, plus each of the characters had their own quirks yet weren't the type to easily back down or be trifled with.

When Ryan Rose and Jett Trebuchet first meet, they both have their own preconceived ideas about each other, but it soon becomes obvious that there's more to them than meets the eye. Ryan is a go-getter and refuses to back down from any challenge she comes up against. She's independent, feisty, intelligent, and goes out of her way for those she cares about. Jett knows what he wants and goes after it with a passion. He's loyal, smart, hard-working, and never takes anything for granted. They have quite a few disagreements, usually brought about by the constant pushing of buttons, and there's a lack of communication that leads to hurtful assumptions, but whoever claimed life and love were easy was lying.

There's a great deal of tension, but sexual and otherwise, that's present between Ryan and Jett, and it's obvious that the two other pairs--Devi Dalton and Ben Winslow and Jade Song and Vaughn Jung--have their own mutual attraction thing going on. As I write this review, I would have already been done with book two in the series and since it was about Devi and Ben, I'm guessing the third one will be about Jade and Vaughn. This first book did a great job in stirring up interest in the two other couples while still be able to keep the main focus on Ryan and Jett. Pretty Smart Girls - Lace Up was a fun and sassy read that shows that the fierce competition can bring sometimes bring out the best in people. This receives 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 14 August 2015

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