Review: When It's Right by Jennifer Ryan (Montana Men #2)

In her twenty years, Gillian Tucker has learned to fend for herself and her younger brother Justin, no thanks to having two parents who were addicted to alcohol and drugs. When she's forced to defend herself and Justin, she kills her abusive father but suffers traumatic injuries in the process, leading the siblings to head to Montana to live with their maternal grandfather on Three Peaks Ranch. There, she begins to learn what family truly is and meets Blake Bowden, the horse trainer who's partners with her grandfather. He's nothing like her father and it becomes clear that Blake is willing to protect her and Justin from any harm.

When It's Right is the second full-length novel and third release in the Montana Men series penned by Jennifer Ryan and turns the spotlight on Blake Bowden and Gillian Tucker. Gillian and her brother Justin have endured years of abuse and torment from their father and when his actions go too far, Gillian is left with no other choice but to end his life. Starting over on her grandfather's ranch in Montana is daunting because Gillian has taught herself to not ask for help because something's always expected in return and she doesn't like being pitied. But there's something about Blake and his innate kindness that touches her.

Gillian and Justin's story is heartbreaking and while Justin adjusts fairly quickly to life in Montana, it takes much longer for Gillian to do so, but then she's older and suffered far longer than her brother. Blake is tempted to take over and help her at every single turn, and as she learns to accept help from him and the people around her, he also learns to trust her when she says she can handle certain things on her own. There's a lot of give and take between the two and there's nothing easy nor simple about their relationship, but the love between them is pure and honest and something that both are able to trust in.

While there's no doubt that Gillian is a strong lead female character, I do wonder why there wasn't more of a move to have her seek therapy for everything's she's gone through. The same goes for her younger brother. Yes, the love and support they got from their grandparents, Blake, and Blake's family counted for something, but being able to talk to a professional would have certainly benefited these two survivors of abuse. Other than that, I enjoyed the overall love story and found both Gillian and Justin to be quite endearing lead characters. This series is quickly becoming quite addictive. When It's Right gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 18 August 2015

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