Review: Turning Pointe by Katherine Locke (District Ballet Company #0.5)

Zedekiah Harrow and Alyona Miller have a relationship like no other. They're best friends but it feels like much more. People have speculated countless times before, but they've maintained that there's absolutely no romance to speak of. They've known each other for years and trust each other implicitly, both with a familiarity when it comes to their bodies and what goes on in their heads and hearts. On and off the stage, there's no denying the intangible connection between them. When they become what almost everyone has always assumed they were, they're left with little time to adjust before both their worlds irrevocably shift. 

Turning Pointe is the prequel novella to the new adult (NA) romance series from Katherine Locke entitled District Ballet Company. Beautifully written, this prequel introduces readers to Zed Harrow and Aly Miller, two people who are very much a couple minus the romance but whose friendship evolves into the very much expected. The chemistry between the two characters isn't just clear, it's palpable. They're crossing the line between being friends to lovers is inevitable and when they're faced with life-changing news, there's such hope...until something devastating happens and their lives as they know it simply stop.

This book does end in a cliffhanger but don't hold it against the author because the two full-length novels that follow this prequel are so worth it. I read all three back-to-back-to-back and it's difficult to put into words just how exquisite Katherine Locke's storytelling skills are. This introduction to Zed and Aly's love story is apt because we see several turning points in their lives but still leaves us with questions that will be answered in the next book, so I'm going to suggest that when you download this little nugget of fiction goodness for free, you grab the two other books in the series as well. Turning Pointe receives five stars. ♥

Date Read: 17 August 2015

Learn more about Katherine Locke here.

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