Review: Coveted by Alannah Lynne (Pandora's Playground #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by RockStar Lit PR in exchange for an honest review.

Mathew Galindo knows what it feels like to love someone. Unfortunately for him, he can never have the woman he wants. Muriel Stewart was married to his best friend Ian and even with him now gone for nearly a year, he doesn't want to betray their friendship. He's kept his distance but has never been too far, keeping an eye on her just like Ian would have wanted. But he's left with no other option but to get close to her when one of their mutual best friends suggests it's time for them to help her return to the lifestyle they all enjoy. Mathew knows Muriel needs a new dominant, and while he could be that for her, he's more than aware that he can't be the kind of man that she needs, not with all the darkness that still lingers within him.

Coveted is the first book in the new Pandora's Playground series from bestselling author Alannah Lynne. This contemporary romance series is a spin-off of the Heat Wave series but can be read separately, though I do recommend you read the original series since it's really good and one of my favorite finds this 2015. Book one is about Mathew Galindo, one of the three owners of Pandora's Playground, a kink club in South Carolina, and Muriel Stewart, widow of one of the other owners of the club. Mathew and Muriel have known each other for thirteen years and while he's always known that she was the one for him, she was also his best friend's girl. He knows he doesn't deserve her, Mathew's never stopped wanting Muriel.

This was such a wonderful start to this spin-off series, and while I was initially hoping that Lucas Steele's story would be told first after having read Matter of Time, the fifth book in the Heat Wave series, I certainly have no complaints about Mathew and Muriel getting their love story told first. Muriel has always thought that Muriel disliked her, but that couldn't have been farther from the truth, and the realization comes to her faster than that of Mathew seeing that he hadn't really fooled any one else when it came to his feelings for her. The love and loyalty that these two have for Ian Stewart makes the evolution of their relationship even more endearing and one that was meant to be and obviously had Ian's blessing.

As the initial offering in a new series, this book succeeds in giving readers a story about finding love again and recognizing one's self-worth while drumming up interest for the sequel, which is slated for release later this year and will be about Lucas Steele and he's partnered with Kiera Parke. I've already got that book on my to-be-read list because after having read the entire Heat Wave series and this first book in the Pandora's Playground series this year alone, Alannah Lynne has yet to disappoint me with her storytelling or the characters she gives us to fall in love with. I read this book in one sitting and loved absolutely everything about it. I'm highly recommending Coveted and I'm giving it five out of five stars. ♥

Release Date: 13 August 2015

Date Read: 11 August 2015

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