Review: Sin and Swoon by Tara Brown (Blood and Bone #2)

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The Ashley Potter case has criminal profiler and mind runner Jane Spears at a loss. The perpetrator is smart, careful to cover his tracks and any other clues that could point to his identity. Jane needs to solve it, not just to gain justice for Ashley but for the other victims that the twisted individual kidnapped and tortured. But he's one step ahead of her and the rest of her team and the deeper she delves into the case, the more complicated it becomes. When she discovers who she's actually after, Jane will be forced to re-assess and prepare herself to bring down whoever is involved in a host of crimes that may shock the world.

Just when you think it's safe to delve back into a Tara Brown book, she does what she does best and throws you for a loop. Yes, fellow bookaholics, the mindfuckery has reached an all new level with the second book in the Blood and Bone series, Sin and Swoon. I thought I knew what to expect with book two, what with the explanation of criminal profiler Jane Spears' job and her ability to perform mind runs. But nope, I should have learned my lesson with book one and expected the unexpected because it wasn't just one thing that caught me unaware here. Not that I'm complaining because if it's one thing the author does well it's hook her reader and reel them in with a uniquely absorbing story and formidable characters with a hint of vulnerability to them. In short, if you want a kickass book to read, I'm specifically recommending this one.

The case that Jane is tackling is a complicated one, but then her expertise would be wasted on those that are easily solved. There's more than one victim and the case isn't limited to merely one crime or offense, which makes it even more pressing for Jane to solve. When the person behind Ashley Potter's kidnapping and subsequent death was revealed, I had to stop for a few minutes to gather the fragmented pieces of my brain that scattered everywhere. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but I did find myself at a loss and my mouth was hanging open in shock. My heart kinda broke and I was hoping that there was some other explanation for why things turned out the way they did, but that's the way the world of Jane Spears goes, I guess. There is a cliffhanger (Surprise! Not really? Okay then...) so my fingers do remain crossed for a bit of redemption.

One of the things I liked best about this sequel is being able to see more of Jane and her fiancé, Dr. Benjamin Dash, outside of work. A lot of the lighthearted moments had to do with Jane and Dash dealing with their engagement and Jane realizing that she was quite clueless when it came to Dash and his family background. Of course, there's conflict that erupts, but then isn't that the case when it comes to meeting the in-laws? And while there are those times that levity comes into play, the darker elements that are part of the Blood and Bone series are ever-present and suck  you in whether you're ready or not. I do suggest that you read the books in order so that you can better understand what Jane and the rest of her team do. This is a series worth reading and has become a 2015 favorite. Sin and Swoon gets five out of five stars. ♥

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Release Date: 11 August 2015

Date Read: 08 August 2015

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